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Check out 10 foolproof tips to lose weight and stay fit

To lose weight and keep the body, even if the solution is to adopt healthy habits. So if this is your goal, check below the 10 golden rules to win the goal and maintain the results, listed by specialist Marissa Lippert diet in Health website:

1. Forget processed foods and prefer the full, fresh and natural.

2. Eat every three hours to keep your metabolism active. Bet on 300 calories for breakfast, 400-450 for lunch, dinner 450-500, and 100-200 in the two biggest snacks between meals.

3. Lance hand of resistant starch carbohydrate compounds that increase the metabolism. Some sources are beans, lentils and multigrain breads. Eat four to six servings.

4. Think of your plate as a pie chart and divide it this way: ¼ of resistant starch carbs, lean protein and ¼ to ½ of vegetable and / or fruit.

5. Monounsaturated fats, found in olive oil and avocado, fight sagging belly and reduce inflammation. Enjoy two to three servings per day.

6. High-fiber foods make you feel full faster, reduce total calorie intake and improve digestion. Bet on 25 ga 35 g daily of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

7. Include a serving of lean protein (fish, egg or chicken) at all meals to increase calorie burning, keep you satisfied and help you get lean.

8. Studies show that keeping a record of everything you eat can help you stay motivated, be more in tune with the needs of the body and also reduce weight.

9. Ask friends and family to support your efforts and help you stay on the line.

10. The body can accidentally interpret thirst as hunger. So hydrate yourself. Eat about eight glasses of water per day.

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