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Fat Burning Diet

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The fat burning diet that we will mention is the best known of all burn-fat diets and in fact is called “Fat Burning Diet”. It was originally created for those patients with heart disease and still waiting to be operated needed to lose weight quickly without thereby risk.
This Fat Burning Diet, whose main characteristic of burning more calories than you consume.

It also removes toxins, cleanses the body of impurities and helps you feel better. If we consider that each body reacts differently to changes in their food, we could not say how much you can lose, but there are cases where a person can lose several kilos, while at the same time other people down just a couple ( or less) in the first week. The key is perseverance.

The “Fat Burning Diet” is based on a broth made with vegetables and chicken bouillon cube and you can eat whenever you want or feel the need.
Burning Soup Recipe Fat
• 6 large onions. Onion is rich in water, sulfur, potassium and phosphorus. It is an alkalizing, which gives cleansing properties for the body. It is also diuretic, helping to eliminate edema, and helps to reduce uric acid. They have 20 calories per 100 grams when cooked
• 2 green peppers. As the onion is rich in potassium, chloride, phosphorus, sulfur, magnesium and calcium. Its high fiber content provides a feeling of fullness and fights constipation. Once cooked.
They have 10 calories per 100 grams.
• 1 bunch of celery (three stems) Rich in potassium, chlorine, copper, sulfur, calcium and sodium, diuretic, eliminates uric acid, remineralize the body and acts as a tonic to the brain and carminative. It has 19 calories per 100 grams.
• 6 fresh tomatoes peeled. Rich in potassium, chlorine and phosphorus, the tomato is a diuretic and invigorating for its mineral content. Furthermore, it is cardioprotective. Have 19 calories per 100 grams
• 1/2 cabbage (cabbage) disinfected. Have potassium, sulfur, calcium and mineral acid salts by 50%. Help fight constipation and may even improve the skin condition. It has about 40 calories per 100 grams.
Salt and pepper. To taste, or spices, whenever our organic situation allows. If desired, you can add one cubit chicken.
How to make fat-burning soup?
You have to cut the vegetables into small pieces and put them in a large saucepan that has water halfway. Strong Boil for 10 minutes then lower heat intensity and simmer until vegetables are cooked.
The ideal is to cook a large amount of fat burning soup and store it in the fridge to not do it every time we need it. It also can be frozen for rations.
It can be taken hot or cold, hot but produces a greater feeling of fullness and also reassures more.
The fat burning soup is a broth metabolic energy, rich in minerals and trace elements and its key feature is the high content of positive modulators of metabolism such as potassium, magnesium and ATP (ATP, Adenosine Tri Phosphate English), a biomolecule basic energy of cell metabolism and increases the free energy that does the work. As a result there is burning fat and releases energy and results in increasing the level of our physical. This fat burning soup is low energy and protein so you can wear for a long time and only seven days.
The soup Fat Burning Diet is like a wildcard when ingested as hunger appears and you can take as much as you want. From the soup is eaten whole, not just the broth. You can deviate broth and can be crushed and mixed with broth.
The Fat Burning Diet
It is an extremely strict diet and should be done exactly (even forbidden), otherwise, the result can be malnutrition.
In the diet and specifies whether we eat at noon, or at dinner as it is free and can be many times when you want or hunger.
First Day
Just take fat burning soup and fresh fruits (except high sugar content such as figs, grapes, etc..). Melon and watermelon is recommended, being saciadoras fruits and low calorie. To take only drink natural juices (non-industrial) or water (recommended natural lemonade sweetened with stevia).
Second Day
Fat Burning Diet With the second day is only the soup and vegetables. You can eat fresh, frozen or canned (best if they are green leafy vegetables) steamed or raw and if they are cooked, it is with the soup broth. Do not put butter or oil. Do not eat corn, or beans (beans or beans), peas (peas). For dinner eat vegetables while fat burning soup. You can reward yourself with a large baked potato with a little olive oil, but on the second day, remember that you can not eat fruit.
Third Day
On the third day of the Fat Burning Diet are combined the previous two days, that is, eat all the soup you want, vegetables and fruits (except bananas and baked potato).
If the diet is followed to the letter (without cheating), having spent these three days you would have lost (we insist that each person is different) about 2 to 3 kg d weight. If it has been less, can be attributed to water, however, will soon diminish.
Fourth Day
Eat only fat-burning soup, bananas (up to 6, but at least should eat 3 in order not to fall into temptation to eat sweets), skimmed milk as much as you want, and drink plenty of water.
Fifth Day
On the fifth day of following the Fat Burning Diet should eat much soup you want and up to half a kilo of lean beef. If chicken skin should be without. Also three fresh tomatoes, 5-8 glasses of water to help flush uric acid from meat. The fat burning soup should be taken at least once a day.
Sixth Day
On the sixth day of the Fat Burning Diet is mandatory vegetables and lean meat (meat can be chicken, turkey, or grilled beef, shredded or baked). You can eat to satiety. You may eat broiled or grilled steaks at lunch and dinner (no potatoes). The fat burning soup should be taken at least once a day. The meat can substitute skinless chicken and can eat it for breakfast, at lunch, at lunch, lunch and dinner. Do not forget to eat soup.
Seventh Day
The seventh day of the Fat Burning Diet eats rice: Toast the rice into a nonstick skillet until its golden rind. It is steamed with fruit and vegetable juice (until full). Eat fat burning soup at least once a day. The rest of the day, eat rice and fat-burning soup.
If followed to the letter this diet, at the end of the six days should have lost 4-8 kilos of weight (we insist that every body is different and reacts to diets according react to other diets, and also overweight depends on having and constitution).
Being a diet rich in potassium and low in sodium, people who have lost a lot of fluid retention more kilos than those normally retain less. The Secret of Fat Burning Diet is to eat fewer calories than expended.
The Fat Burning Diet should not exceed 7 days. You can re-do on occasion (such as eating or seasons after much intake. Having achieved the weight you want, you can do a maintenance replacing one meal a day for fat-burning soup provided the other food is varied enough.’s a good way to keep the body clean.
With the Fat Burning Diet should take into account that:
• You should rest (eat normally) at least two days before starting the diet again.
• When the diet says to eat meat, can replace cooked skinless chicken or fish.
• After you have been on this diet for several days, it is advisable to eat a cup of bran to cleanse the bowel, can eat oats or grain cereal with skim milk.
• Burn-Fat Diet not interact with any medical treatment, continue with this diet plan as long as is necessary, they will feel better and you will realize the difference in your physique.
• Do not drink any alcohol. Interferes directly in removing fat from the body. Wait 24 hours after drinking alcohol to start the fat-burning diet.
• They are not allowed any soda or carbonated (not even light). Just water. From 6-8 glasses a day. You can also make tea, herbal tea without sugar. Natural fruit juices and skim milk.
• Prohibited the chips of any kind.
• No bread or any products containing flour and its derivatives, sugar or sugar substitutes (candy of any kind).
• They should eat strictly what is indicated for each day.
Standards help
• Drinking plenty of water.
• Practice exercise or just take a half hour walk daily and, if possible during the day
• Keep mealtimes: breakfast, mid-morning, the food, the afternoon, and dinner, if we go to bed very late, in a small shot.
• If you want to relax after a meal, it is preferable to do assume that lying.
The regime must not exceed seven days. However, you can do whenever you have made prolonged power excesses, such as holiday periods, Christmas, Easter or summer …
Note: This diet called Fat Burning Diet or Fat Burning is widespread and popular voice part. Health Line and nothing presented as Miracle Diet, but we must add that there are plenty of positive experiences and is effected by a short space of time, at the same settings Fat Burning Diet is very healthy and complete in itself same.
The Fat Burning Diet should not make people with insulin-dependent diabetes or chronic kidney disease. Also people suffering acute infectious processes, dyspeptic syndromes, or any disease hiperclorhidrias conjunctiva major psychological disorders or anyone allergic to any foods containing diet.

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