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8 major benefits of avocado

Avocado besides being famous for accompanying many of the salads, it is also very nutritious.

Ever you ever wondered what exactly are the benefits of avocado? Read on and find out this important information.
Healthy sight
You can always keep your eyes healthy, eat avocado! Thanks to a carotenoid called lutein, avocado absorbs ultraviolet rays and preventing these can harm the retina. It also protects the eyes against degeneration and cataracts.
It contains the benefits of Vitamin E
Avocados are a great source of vitamin E. When you regularly consume vitamin, the body is fully equipped to protect against any disease. In addition, Vitamin E also helps revitalize the skin making it soft and supple thanks to its antioxidant properties. Is not this wonderful?
Keeps your heart healthy making you feel healthier
Rate this tasty fruit has a fairly high percentage of folic acid (23%). Folic acid is a vitamin found in green leafy vegetables and their role is to help overall health.
In pregnancy should always take folic acid because it helps correct formation of the fetus and to avoid possible defects. Avocado healthy fat added with vitamin E are good for the heart.
It helps lower cholesterol
The avocado is high in beta-sitosterol, a compound that has been shown to maintain lower cholesterol levels. Avocados contain monounsaturated fat (healthy body), which reduces the LDL cholesterol that is harmful to the body
General oral health
Are you one of the people who like to take care of your smile? Well, you should know that the avocado helps keep a bright smile because their compounds help find and destroy oral cancer cells without interfering with other healthy cells!
Increases absorption of nutrients
Eating avocado guarantees you improve the absorption of certain nutrients. Carotenoids other fruits and vegetables are absorbed more efficiently when you eat avocado. Some research has shown that even a person who eats avocado absorption increases 5 times compared to one that does not eat.
It adds a unique and special flavor to your salads
Maybe some people do not like this fruit, but to know that if the avocado gives a special flavor to salads, meals and even some green drinks.
Repairs damaged hair
This perhaps is one of the most popular avocado benefits. It helps repair dull, dry hair, due to the large amount of vitamins and fat you have.

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