9 Yoga Poses Can Relieve Tension of Mind & Body

9 Yoga Poses Can Relieve Tension of Mind & Body

Alycia Gordan :: If you are thinking about Yoga then this is an important write-up for you. Actually, 9 Yoga Poses Anyone Can Do to Relieve Tension and Relax the Mind and Body. Whether you are nervous about the job interview later today, or just anxious about your exam results, your life shouldn’t come to a standstill, because after all, these are just human experiences. Instead, react to the situations and emotions with discipline and focus on beating the negativity. That’s how successful people stay calm and overcome anxiety.

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However, for those one-off situations when tension seems to be getting the best of us, yoga is great for positivity, necessary for healthful living. The different asanas and poses offer targeted help for uneasiness, restlessness, fear or worry. Here’s some more info on these asanas, that you can start doing right now:

Legs Up the Wall – Helps with Anxiety



Feeling overwhelmed by the day’s to-do list in the morning? Just too tired and anxious to sleep at night? Make this wonderfully simple yet effective post a part of your everyday routine.

How to do this pose?

Lay down with your feet up against a wall, and bottom touching the wall as well. Put your arms down by your side. Now breath. Calm yourself down and feel the relaxation flowing down your legs and throughout your body. This pose is excellent for enhancing blood circulation and calming down the nervous system.

Downward Dog – Helps Relieve Stress



This pose offers rest and stretches out the muscles that have been all tensed up because of anxiety.

How to do this pose?

Stand straight. Now exhale as you bend down and place your hands on the mat, making sure that the hands are comfortably placed shoulder-width apart. Next, stretch your knees, reaching as far back with your legs as possible. This makes a triangle. Now breathe slowly and hold the position for 60 seconds. Repeat as many times as you want, or until you forget all about that stress.

Extended Puppy – Asana That Destresses

Image result for yoga Extended Puppy


This powerful anxiety buster will make you feel lighter than air once you are done with it.

How to do this pose?

Get down on your knees and hands. Once on all fours, place your hands a few inches further. Then move your bottom slightly towards your heels. Now let your head lower to the floor. Try not to sit on the heels, just lower your forehead.

Focus on your breathing. Relax.

Bridge Pose – Yoga Pose for Anxiety



If anxiety feels like a weight on your back, or if your backbone freezes up when you are stressed out, then this is the asana for you.

How to do this pose?

Lay down on a mat with legs bent at the knees and arms by your side. Then slowly lift your tailbone, i.e. bottom up off the mat while your hands and feet are firmly planted on the floor. You can also grasp your ankles underneath for a good and proper stretch.

Feel the anxious energy flowing away from you. Now come back down slowly, and repeat.

Child’s Pose – Helps Relieve Tension & Stress

Image result for yoga Child’s Pose


This one promotes the flow of blood to the brain, enhancing feelings of relaxation and rest.

How to do this pose?

Sit down on your heels, so that your knees are slightly apart. Now as you breathe deeply, lower your torso to your thighs and extend your arms above your head. The ending position should have your forehead resting on, or as close as possible to the mat, with your hands above the head firmly planted on the floor.

You may also keep your hands by your side if you feel like it.

Cat/Cow – Helps with Anxiety & Stress

Image result for yoga Cat/Cow


Prolonged feelings of stress can have a major impact on the neck, back, and pelvis. Practicing a combo of the cat and cow poses will help reduce the buildup of tension in these regions.

How to do this pose?

The asana starts with you getting on your hands and knees on a yoga mat. Make sure your body is well-aligned. Now make like a cat and round your back up towards the sky, as you drop your bottom and head towards the ground. Hold the position for a few seconds.

Next, do the opposite and make an inverted arch with your backbone, so it comes down towards the ground. But your head and tailbone should be reaching for the skies.

Don’t forget to breathe and repeat.

Fish Pose – Stress-relieving Pose

Image result for yoga Fish Pose


Do your shoulder feel weight down with the weight of the world? This asana will definitely help.

How to do this pose?

Lie on your back, legs straight, arms by the side. Now slide your hands, palms down, under your buttocks. Make sure that your forearms, all the way up to your elbows, are firm on the floor. Arch your back. If you want to, you may also bend your legs at the knees.

Seated Forward Bend – Pose for Relaxation



This is the perfect back-stretch, making it great for people who spend their days sitting on chairs, working in stressful corporate conditions. This one will take practice and persistence to master, but it’ll be oh-so-worth-it at the end.

How to do this pose?

Sit on a mat with feet together and stretched out in front. Extend your hands forward to touch the feet, but lower your torso down as well, until your hands are as close to possible to your feet and hands are slightly bent at the elbows. Also, try lowering your head, so it rests on your thighs. That’s the ultimate stretch!

Corpse Pose – Yoga for Stillness

Image result for yoga Corpse Pose


Those who suffer from anxiety often understand the importance of peaceful calmness. And that is precisely what this pose aims to deliver.

How to do this pose?

Lie down straight. Put your arms at your side.

That’s all. Now relax as much as possible and hold the pose until all anxiety and stress have left your body. Practice positive personal affirmations as you hold the pose. Use words that represent the way you’d like to feel. Get in the mindset. And keep breathing.


Stress, trauma, anxiety, tensions, fear – everyone encounters these emotions on a daily basis. However, sometimes these emotions get the best of us and threaten to paralyze our ability to experience life-as-usual. In fact, it can get so bad that it may start affecting judgment and even cognitive skills.

That’s why starting off your day with the right yoga poses is advisable for everyone!

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