It also contains carbohydrate, dietary fiber, addition of a few

Benefits of Celary Seeds

Celary is an important food constituent which is beneficial for all age and gender.
Nutritional Benefits of Celery: Celery is a very low-calorie food. It provides only 10 calories per 100 grams of consumption, in addition to containing 95% water. It also contains carbohydrate, dietary fiber, addition of a few amount of fat and protein. In addition, Celery is rich in vitamins, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin-B, Vitamin C, Vitamin-E and Vitamin-K. It is minerals like Calcium, Potassium, sodium and phosphorus.

Celery Prevents Cancer: Celery contains flavonoids. The Luteolin is a flavonoid type that limits the growth of cancer cells and is further aided by phenolic acids and prostaglandins restricting help prevent the metabolism of cancerous cells. Coumarin is a type of phytochemicals that help to prevent the onset of colon cancer and stomach.

Benefits of Celery To Heart: Celery is an excellent source of antioxidants and Ant-inflammatory compounds. Phenolic acids, flavones and flavonols help in reducing bad cholesterol and blood pressure. It helps to relax blood vessels, thus lowering blood pressure, butyl phthalate is a compound found in celery, which can significantly lower LDL cholesterol.

Benefits of Celery To Weight Loss: The Celery is very rich in water and dietary fiber. These are the two compounds that can maintain a quenched person. Furthermore, Celery is rich in nutrients and provides many calories and can be consumed in salads or chewed in a snack to aid in weight loss. See also The Weight Loss Program 21 IDEAL BODY is the system for you definitely want to lose weight in a simple and highly effective way. So you will LOSE BELLY and Weight loss in six weeks or less with ONLY 21 Minutes PER DAY! Click Here and Learn!
Celery Lowers Blood Pressure: The phthalides help in relaxing the arteries and facilitates the flow of blood. They also reduce stress hormones, which can shrink blood vessels. Besides helps ease the flow of blood through the body. Celery is also a good source of potassium which help in the electrolyte balance of the body.

For Women celery: Celery is beneficial for women. It contains anethole phytochemical estrogen is a compound that assists in reducing menstrual problems.

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