he body with its antioxidant and diuretic properties. Antioxidant and laxative

Benefits of Mango

Mangoes are one of the best fruit of summer. It gives one pleasure, taste and nutrition. It can be used as a diet food and also a sick food for patient. Also called the “peach of the tropics” by Europeans, the sleeve is a well-known fruit since ancient times by indigenous and is currently produced worldwide.

The sleeve helps in the care of hair and skin at the same time nourishes and purifies the body with its antioxidant and diuretic properties.
Antioxidant and laxative

Thanks to its high content of vitamin A and C and its palmitic and malic acids, the sleeve is a very antioxidant fruit that helps protect against heart disease, allergies and cancer. A piece of 100 g sleeve contains 36.4 g of vitamin C, which corresponds to 61% of the daily requirements of vitamin.

The fiber sleeve with the fructose containing facilitate intestinal transit and act as a natural laxative, preventing the arrest of the womb in an easy and effective way.

Weight Loss
The sleeve contains 83% water, and despite their sweet flavor gives us few easily assimilated calories and sugars. So the mango is a fruit recommended in weight loss diets, to consume both at breakfast and in snacks as it provides a sense of saciamento addition of large amounts of water and prevents the intake of calories and unnecessary fat.

Rich in minerals
This fruit also gives us lot of minerals, which benefits us in curing certain diseases. Some of the essential minerals that fruit offers us are:

– Iron: essential to our body, prevents anemia and strengthens the body’s defenses.
– Copper: coloring benefits and hair growth.

– Magnesium: protects against cardiovascular disease, estres and menstrual pain.

– Calcium: one of the most important in the formation and strengthening of bones.

Thanks to its high content of iron sleeve is a good agent in preventing anemia. Moreover, considering that the sleeve has also high vitamin C content, facilitates the absorption of iron.

How to eat mango:
You can consume it either alone, as in juices and salads, plus exotic dishes or fruit salad.

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