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Boldo – Natural Medicine

boldoBoldo is an evergreen tree of medium size. Can reach 15 m in height, but their growth is very slow. It takes decades to reach adult and many do not reach that point, keeping the category of shrubs. It is native to Andean regions, with Chile being the largest producing country. Its scientific name is Peumus Boldus.

The most used are the leaves of Boldo. These give off a fragrant smell. They are toothed leaves are 3 to 7 cm. He looks strong and fleshy and dark green that turn reddish when dry.

Properties and indications
Boldo contains a large amount considered active alkaloids, including boldine. Boldine is an active principle with outstanding antioxidant properties and fungicides. The boldine is conferred Boldo its intense flavor and slightly bitter that can be transmitted to the urine. Also contains essential oils, flavonoids and tannins. All these make the Boldo active, highly digestible plant and a good liver protector.

Because the action Boldo contains substances appetizer, laxative, choleretic and cholagogue, its leaf is used very effectively to treat dyspepsia, (flatulence or aerophagias) and hepatobiliary dysfunction such as hepatitis, constipation or migraines whose origin is in poor digestion.
Boldo also stimulates the production of bile (can double the amount of normal flow) and also facilitates secretion. These are features that facilitate digestion and any discomfort that comes from a malfunction delhepatitis (flatulence and intestinal cramps).

Boldo – Medicinal use
Boldo is one of the most effective natural remedies for the liver. Stimulates and protect the good of the gallbladder. It is known as one of the quintessential hepatoprotective herbs. It is also known for its laxative, choleretic, digestive, antiseptic, diuretic, sedative, anesthetic, hypnotic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory and carminative.
Boldo facilitates digestion of heavy meals. Increases secretion of saliva in people with dry mouth or do not produce saliva (dry mouth or xerostomia).

Boldo – Contraindications:
In cases of obstruction of the bile ducts.
In pregnancy, its content of alkaloids.
The boldine in excess can be toxic. As shown symptoms of poisoning excitement, exaggerated reflexes and respiration, which can even cause death.

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