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Thai Black Hair Shampoo hits market

A leading hair colour shampoo brand of Thailand has hit the Bangladesh market. Importer and marketing company Global Sourcing Pte Limited has launched countrywide sale… Read More

What Is the Co-Relation Between Lunges and Knee Pain?

We are talking about compression Stockings for Motorcycle Rides. For people who prefer to take very long motorcycle rides, developing lower calf circulation problems could… Read More

Govt plans childhood blindness survey

The government is planning to conduct a childhood blindness survey to determine the number of children with blindness in the country. Prof AHM Enayet Hussain… Read More

Simple but useful tips for your eyes

You know your eyes are an important part of your health. There are many things you should do to keep them healthy and make sure… Read More

Be conscious with Beer Pong

The rinse cup won’t be safe for you. Not only did the guys you’re playing beer pong against just sink their shots, but the warm… Read More

Physical and Mental Benefits of Meditation

Now a days meditation become so popular and useful for health. You can get many benefits by meditation.Basically there are two types of benefits- Physical… Read More

5 tips for your skin

Do you want to take care of your skin? Here are some effective and helpful suggestion for you. Now you can take care of your… Read More

Active lifestyle depends on eating

Here are 10 tips for combining good nutrition and physical activity. maximize with nutrient-packed foods Give your body the nutrients it Read More

Home Remedies to remove Acne Scars by following some rules

You could be a victim of acne due to hormones or stress. I will tell you one truth, pimples and acne are not about your… Read More

Suffering From Bad Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection(UTI) is common health problem it occurs when the bladder and its tubes get affected by bacteria.Both men and women have this problem,but… Read More

Live a Cholesterol Free Healthy Life

Heart disease is a very common problem in the world and many men & women of mature age are affected by this disease. The development… Read More

Save Yourself from the Heat illness

Every time the weather heats up in Hong Kong, hospital admissions increase correspondingly. Summer temperatures can often be brutal, and global climate change has made… Read More

Study Says Oral Health Can Ce Great Cause to Cancer

People with swollen gums, missing teeth and other signs of poor dental health are more likely to be infected orally with the human papillomavirus, researchers… Read More

Study Says That Fast Food Can Be So Harmful As Liver Damage

Just one month of eating fast food and walking less than 5000 steps in a day is all it takes to impair liver function. That’s… Read More