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Diet Can Be Ruined by The Drinks



Without noticing or account you can still be eating hundreds of calories that you’re not adding each day, even during diets . More than 20% of the calories that we consume daily, come from the calories contained in the fluids we drink, in fact, the WHO ( World Health Organization ) recommends that you should only consume 10% of the calories through liquids, which tells us that these calories contribute to additional the obesity or at least make more complicated the lose weight .

According to a large part of the world’s population suffers from overweight and part of them were considered obese, which is already the unhealthy part of the overweight . For millions of people, the solution to not be fat part no longer to stop eating or dieting, but watch what they baby. The nutrition specialists offer tips to choosing healthy drinks between the sodas, the isotonic, fruit juices and milk.

Soft Drinks: are drinks that contain large amounts of sugar and empty calories (one of the factors that contribute most to the problem of obesity ). a can of soda contains about 9 tablespoons of sugar with the gesture of eliminating a can of soda on your daily diet, you can get to lose almost half a kilo per month in one year can lose up to 6.8 kilos, and the most fun of all is that many times will you choose a soft drink gas by not knowing that drink when really you get thirsty and not longing for something sweet.
a soda has no value Nutritious . If it is replaced that soda for a orange juice (for example), will draw inspiration from with vitamins, fiber, energy slow, etc… and in addition is also delicious and also removes the thirst.
Leave soft drinks only for special occasions and after penalicese by removing the next day something similar in calories from your diet.

juices of fruits and vegetables: You have habit of eating fruit juices, nectars, mixtures of fruit with milk, etc. , which, in their labels describe as “fruit juice” ? Read the label carefully, and if the label says that it was “made with real fruit juice” can be that only take a 10% real juice of natural fruit, apart from you can contain approximately seven teaspoons of sugar (the tea). Just buy those on the label said that contain a ” 100% juice “.

Those of us who are parents we have to be very careful about how many cartons of ” fruit juices ” we let drink to our children on a daily basis. Only a brik provides 100 calories and if they are 4 Are a quarter of the total calories that the child should eat at the end of the day, if to a child who has trouble eating a piece of fruit, you may be “deceived” by asking the juice at home and endulzandolos with stevia instead of sugar, the natural fruits contain the necessary fiber for your body and the juices of sale in supermarkets are lacking in its entirety it.
Milk. The skimmed milk, semi-skimmed or you can subtract hundreds of calories a day. The nutrients of milk: vitamin D, calcium, protein, vitamin A. All of these nutrients together are not present in some foods, which makes the milk an excellent option. It is recommended that you take three servings of dairy products a day. If we change the whole milk by skimmed milk, the body gets the nutrients it needs without the calories or the fat that provides additional.

Isotonic drinks: The isotonic drinks returned to the agency the electrolytes that are lost during the daily exercise, it also helps to retain fluids in the body and hydrate for a time Longer, but they have the problem that also provide calories. Not as much as soft drinks, but if a third of the sugar that has a soft drink, apart from the fact that the nutritional value of these drinks is very low.
Alcohol. In an evening with friends, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc, if there are drinks alcoholic, always remember that the caloric value of the entire dinner can be ingested with the only alcoholic beverages before they had even begun to eat.
An average glass of wine contains about 100 calories, a bottle or jug of beer of 1/3 has approximately 150 calories. It is not uncommon for before dinner one will take between a few and other drinks about 300 calories (or more), so limit the number of drinks aperitive before dinner, will contribute directly to the success of your silhouette.

Water. It is the ideal drink to quench their thirst, it is colorless, we have a strong taste, odourless, refreshing and is the element that constitutes more than half of the body mass of a human being .
A person may well be consuming only water for days while. There are people who fasts for up to 40 days ( Line and Health does not recommend it and only was cited as an example) being its diet basically water, with contributions of extra vitamins, mineral salts and fiber, without arriving at meals and say they feel better than ever, what it means (although it may appear to be a topic) that the water is the source of life.
The calories that an adult should eat through liquids must be through at least a liter of water, tea or coffee, milk, fruit juice.
The next time you open the fridge looking for something to drink, think about saving money and calories and drink water . What earn for your body.

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