FOOD SAFETY & SECURITYFood safety and food security have become growing concern for bangladeshi people.Food is indispensable to our survival. Everyone has the right to get pure food.But food adulteration I silently killing the whole nation with slow poisoning .so we prevent this food adulteration by improving food safety & security.

Food Safety:

Food safety is a scientific discipline describing handling,preparation and storage of food in ways that prevent food-borne illness .this includes a number of routines that should be followed to avoid potentially service health hazards .The tracks within this live of thought are safety between industry and the market and then between the market and the consumer. Food can transmit disease frome person to person as well as serve as a growth medium for bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

According to WTO the five key principles of food hygiene,are-

-Prevent contaminating food with pathogens spreading frome people ,pets and pests.

-Separate raw and cooked food to prevent contaminating the cooked food.

-Cooked foods for the appropriate length of time and the appropriate temperature to kill pathogens

-Store food all the proper temperature.

-Do use safe water and cooked materials.

Food Security:

People are considered food secure when they have all time access to sufficient, safe, nutritiousfood ton maintain a healthyand active life.Food security analysts look at the combination of the following  three elements:FOOD availability,Food access, and Food utilization.

FOOD Safety And Security:

Food safety and food security are interrelated concepts with a profound impact on quality of human life, and there are many external factors that affect both of these areas (Fig 1).

Food safety is an umbrella term that encompasses many facets of handling, preparation and storage of food to prevent illness and injury. Included under the umbrella are chemical, microphysical and microbiological aspects of food safety. A priority of food chemical quality is control of allergens which can be life threatening to some people that are highly sensitive. Other chemical properties of food such as vitamin and mineral content are also important and affect the overall quality of the food but are not as significant in terms of food safety. To prevent injury, the absence of foreign microphysical particles is crucial. Microphysical particles such as glass and metal can be hazardous and cause serious injury to consumers. Pathogenic bacteria, viruses and toxins produced by microorganisms are all possible contaminants of food and impact food safety.

Improving Food Safety in Bangladesh:

There are many projects working in bngladesh for improving food safety, qauality and food control.Sucg as EU- fundedproject entitled  Improving food safety ,quality and food control in bangladesh.The projects was launched on the first of July 2012 and will last three years.The Dutch govt.invests $US 12500000 in the project which envisage seven outputs:

-Strethening food analysis capacity,

– Strethening capacity for food safety standards formulation.

-Enhancing public awarenessand edecation on food safety and consumer’s health.

-Instituytionalizationof food safety in the govt.structure.

-Enhancing food-borne illness surveillanc.

– Strethening the food inspection and enforcement system and capacity development in selected subsectors of the food industry.

Almost everyday different TV channels telecast and newspapers publish news concerning thediscovery as well as the recovery of adulterated food articles in factories and stores.It is invitable that any such news draws the attention of conscious individuals of our society.

An effective food safety regulatory framework is impertive to ensure safe food for consumers in a country.Bangladesh is lacking it for a long time.

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