Health Benefits of Cycling

Health Benefits of Cycling

Male Female CyclingAs a health-conscious person you sometimes maybe wanted to know what are the Health Benefits of Cycling. That’s why I wrote an article about Benefits of Cycling. This is really a very good exercise.

The beneficial value of the cycling activity is widely recognized and can be experienced directly by anyone practicing such activity. From the point of view of physiology, cycling is classified as a predominantly aerobic sport type of resistance, highly committed to the cardiovascular system and respiratory and many muscle areas. For this reason, the practice of this sport can get the classic typical improvements in endurance sports:

Heart Efficiency — With every beat the heart pumps a greater amount of blood.
Breathing capacity — Improves oxygen exchange in the pulmonary alveoli.
Muscular efficiency — in the engaged muscles, increases vascularization and improves the extraction of oxygen from the blood and use of carbohydrates.

The regular cycling also leads to better control of blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and body weight, with proven benefits for the prevention and control of diseases such as hypertension, ischemic heart disease, diabetes, obesity. However, that cycling is a pleasure and not to become a suffering, we must not forget some precautions:

As a picture of inappropriate or incorrect position of the saddle causes discomfort in the spine or joints of the legs, which is why when buying a bike is important to be entrusted to expert traders; to prevent diseases caused by cooling, the clothing should be appropriate to the climate, allow evaporation of sweat and wind protection. Wearing a helmet, goggles and gloves limit damage in case of falls and accidents. These are the warnings and advice are always given to who deals with cycling.

Cycling is a sport whose benefits can be observed over time, when we habituemos to circulate with bicileta. Cycling is a good exercise to maximize your ability to sport and helps reduce body stress and mind. Among other benefits found that:

Improves muscle tone

Cycling helps sculpt, tone, and you reaffirm the thighs, calf muscles and the pelvic region. Cycling helps reducing cellulite. Actually there are no negative side of cycling. So as an aware person you have to practice it in your life!

Improves the circulatory system

Cycling reduces blood pressure and the risk of coronary heart disease and increases the body’s defenses against various forms of diabetes. It reduces and sometimes prevents the onset of osteoarthritis: With cycling ligaments and tendons are strengthened.

Increases lung capacity
Cycling increased heart size and power. The cycling can increase your lung capacity because the rhythmically move the legs, the muscles demand more oxygen, the heart needs to pump more blood to carry more oxygen. Thus, the heart muscle gains in power and endurance.

Balances the weight
With cycling eliminate fat and toxins with sweat. With a rate somewhat higher than ride it is scientifically proven that the effects on fat loss is much greater.

Cycling reduces the likelihood of spine problems or hernias. The inclined posture makes this extended spine. Cycling helps to improve the joints. It increases bone calcium. Beside that, Cycling slows your aging also! That’s all about Health Benefits of Cycling. If you know more please don’t forget to share with us by commenting below!

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