Life Expectancy Info-graphic

Life Expectancy Info-graphic

Life expectancy Even today though we have been witness to many medical advances in the world, there is still a wide disparity between the life expectancy rates globally.

There is still also a divide between the cause of death in certain countries over others. Some countries still experience very high levels of loss of life from illnesses which are not a substantial concern in other countries.

This info-graphic from Study Medicine Europe examines what the facts are today in terms of global killers. Life Expectancy Info-graphic is very important for you to be more careful about your life.

It looks at the major cause of loss of life and it also charts the average life expectancy for countries where it is still a major concern.

Child infant mortality rates is something which global health organizations and charities have focused heavily on in recent years and we see some data on this also in the info-graphic.

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