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Benefits of An Apple

There is an old saying- eating an apple per day keeps the doctor away. The concentration of fibers and vitamins B, C and E of… Read More

Why eat banana?

The banana is one of the most paradoxical fruits we know, because on one hand we know of its benefits but on the other, continue… Read More

Peach as A Wonder Fruit

The Peach is a fruit of Chinese origin is its scientific name is Prunus persica. The Peach help nourish body excellent source of vitamins, minerals… Read More

Walking benefits

Increase basal metabolism walking In our race to lose kilos tend to forget another fundamental principle: the more muscle mass your body gets, the more… Read More

Why eat orange?

The orange is a favorite for young and old at the time to prepare a juice or eat a fruit after the meal fruits. Orange… Read More

Physical Activity: Why?

Everyone knows today that physical activities is often a totally positive habit and suitable for all those who seek beauty, health and quality of life.… Read More

Running: Preventing Overuse Injuries

How can overuse injury be prevented? You can decrease your risk of injury by following these recommendations: Do not increase running mileage by more than… Read More

Lychee-A wonder fruit

The wonderful benefits and properties of Lychee fruit, it belongs to the Sapindaceae family. They are fruit trees, whose fruit is known as lychees or… Read More

Omega-3: Why & how much you need it?

Omege 3 is an important constituent of food and important for our. body. Without it many side effects can be seen in the body. Reduces… Read More

Benefits of Egg: lose weight, improves immunity and more

Essential ingredient in many recipes, the egg can be a great ally of health. Egg is a high source of protein and also it is… Read More

Benefits of Cabbage

Cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable that is popular in many cultures because it is cheap, big and healthy. Here are the seven benefits of health… Read More

Foods That Increase Intestinal Flora

Foods that help the intestinal flora is a good choice to maintain health days. The intestinal flora is nothing more than a group of bacteria… Read More

Home Remedies For Colitis

The Home Remedies For Colitis is a good strategy to reduce the effects of the disease, inflammation of the large intestine or colon causes many… Read More

Benefits of Peas

Nutritional benefits of Peas: Peas are highly nutritious foods. They provide about 80 calories per 100 grams of consumption. The peas are a source of… Read More