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Thermogenic Tea for Weight Loss

That winter is the season where we have more desire to eat, it’s no secret. “As the body needs to expend more energy to keep warm, it is natural to feel hungrier, and just cashing in more caloric foods,” explains the functional nutritionist Cristina Martins. How to not get fat in winter? There are ways to circumvent the accumulated fat in the coldest season of the year, and Cristina spent in a homemade thermogenic tea recipe to clean the body and triggers the accumulated fats.
Tea for weight loss work?
The thermogenic are those foods that require greater caloric expenditure to be digested. Ie can indeed help you lose weight, since combined with healthy diet and exercise habits. In addition, they help speed up the metabolism, causing the body to burn fat much faster.
The miraculous mixture nutritionist takes ginger tea, green tea and cinnamon, all thermogenic foods. “These ingredients help to cleanse the body and taken warm in the winter, also ensure the feeling of well-being,” says the professional. “The thermogenic already helps burn calories and, in winter, we are more likely to expend energy to leave our body warm. So it’s the perfect opportunity to lose weight, “according to professional.
Ginger, cinnamon and green tea are three powerful ingredients like thermionic.
Among the benefits of ginger are burning toxins from the body and aid in the fight against cellulite, and help prevent against colds.
Green tea is an antioxidant and rich in vitamins and minerals, in addition to fighting bad cholesterol. The shuttle, in turn, also aids in weight loss and control of diabetes.
How to consume
Cristina points out that people with any heart or sensitive to caffeine problem, as well as pregnant women and hypertensive patients can not consume this tea.
The thermogenic tea should be consumed at most three times a day
“The recommended consumption is one to three cups per day. If you choose to three, take one in the morning break, one after lunch and one more evening, but never after 16h or 17h, as caffeine can end up giving insomnia “he warns. She adds that there is no need to take the thermogenic tea fasting.
Also according to the nutritionist, the best is to use the dried plant that derive teas, but where this is not possible, also serve sachets.
Thermogenic tea recipe

A spoonful of green tea in tea plant (or a sachet);
A piece of ginger root;
Cinnamon sticks or powder, to taste.
A cup of tea water.

Take the shell ginger, cut and mash with a garfinho;
Mix the ginger with a little plant of green tea and play the already boiled water, leaving ten minutes. Use sachet, just boil water, put the sachet and add the ginger, leaving stand at least time.
Strain the mixture.
Cinnamon is up to you: can be placed in stick or powder, when you boil water, drowning the mixture, or use a cinnamon stick as a kind of “scoop” to go stirring the tea.

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