Why Should Eat Banana?

Why Should Eat Banana?

banana big pictureSometimes this is really a very big question — Why Should Eat Banana? In this article I have been tried to give you this answer elaborately. I took some information from the Center for Comprehensive Care in Diabetes and Hypertension (CEDHI).

The banana is one of the most paradoxical fruits as we know, because on one hand we know of its benefits but on the other, continue to beliefs about its high content of sugar and its ability to help us get fat. Therefore, we try to resolve this conflict showing five reasons to eat a banana:

It is a great source of important micro-nutrients in the body such as potassium, magnesium, B vitamins, carotene and to a lesser extent, calcium, vitamin C and selenium.

It gives satiety because it is composed of 20% carbohydrate accompanying fiber and water, so, if we take advantage of this fruit, can calm our healthy appetite.

It can help you save calories if we use it to replace some of the butter cake, or to replace the cream or peanut butter some chocolates. We can also prepare iced simply processing the frozen banana.

It can enhance our mood because its contents in tryptophan calms anxiety, relaxes us and helps us to sleep

Aids digestion because it contains inulin prebiotic function and also pectin, a soluble fiber that may be useful to normalize bowel function in both cases of diarrhea and constipation.

As we can see, the banana is a tasty, nutritious fruit that can help us take care of the line rather than promote weight gain, as one piece can be a snack that satiates, calm anxiety and provides good vitamins and minerals only 100 Kcal.

The Doctor leaves these five good reasons to include bananas in the daily diet

They recommended the use of a banana a day for its high content of potassium, useful for removing sodium may increase blood pressure in the body.

Potassium deficiency may cause muscle spasms and cramps and more prone to injury; therefore banana intake helps keep muscles relaxed.

“This fruit has an excellent combination of energy, minerals and vitamins that make it an essential food in any diet,” said Marco Taboada, a nutritionist at the Center for Comprehensive Care in Diabetes and Hypertension (CEDHI).

The doctor denied that this fruit, the amount of carbohydrates contained in it is harmful for diabetics or people who want to lose weight; conversely, banana helps balance sugar levels in the blood.

In addition, it is an excellent option carbohydrate and not fat, because thanks to its fiber has a high satiating avoiding continue eating it. However, we must consume in appropriate portions, that is, in small or medium size.

Banana Another benefit is that it solves problems with constipation and digestive system due to its soluble fiber that normalizes the functions of the intestinal transit.

The banana gives energy, so it is the ideal place to recharge during exercise snack. It is also rich in vitamins B6 and B12 B-vitamins and minerals like magnesium and phosphorus. All these nutrients help to fight against fatigue and exhaustion.

You can watch this video about benefits of banana.


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