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Adult’s Skin care

adult skin careIn new generation everybody wants to have clear, glowing skin like the models they see in magazines. On the other side these models often have skin problems too. These are usually hidden by thick ‘pancake’ makeup, or are ‘brushed out’ when the photographs are developed.

You are always trying to make you believe that ‘secret ingredients’ in skincare products will magically ‘cure’ your skin problems. The collagen and elastin, etc. are not able to get into the skin’s living layers and change the quality of the skin in any permanent way.
If we want to have great skin, we must follow a beauty routine which includes cleansing, toning, moisturizing, night creams, masks and scrubs and any number of expensive products.

If these beauty products don’t live up to their promises, what do they actually do? How can you look after your skin without spending more than you can afford? Let’s take a look at what these products actually do and other ways you can achieve the same results.
However, for most people plain old soap and water will do the same job as the more expensive cleanser on the market. Soap and water will also remove most forms of makeup.

Careful cleansing will remove some impurities and excess skin oils that can block pores and cause pimples and blemishes.
Having clean skin can give some protection from pimples but don’t go overboard.  Too much cleansing, more than twice a day, can actually damage your skin.

If your skin is very dry, or sensitive to soap, you may prefer to use low cost sorbolene.
The alcohol can make the skin feel ‘refreshed’ or tight and clean (just like men’s after shave lotions, which are also alcohol based), but they do this by removing the oils from the skin, not by changing the size of the skin’s pores.

People with dry skin actually need the skin’s natural oils and can damage their skin by using toners or astringents.
You should like the way moisturizer makes your skin feel, go ahead and use it. Remember, you don’t need to pay a fortune for a fancy product.

Try to protect your skin from the sun wherever possible, by staying out of the sun if you can, wearing a sun hat and clothes that cover your skin and sunglasses.

Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes can dull the complexion and damage the quality of the skin.  This is because the nicotine in the tobacco smoke narrows the blood vessels taking oxygen to the skin. Via the blood stream.

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