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We strongly believe that, our major strength is our beloved user. That’s why this website is absolutely free to browse for anyone. But it is mentionable that, we means, the authority of this site has the full rights to change our ‘Terms of Use’ or Service (ToS) without any prior notice.

Beside that, Terms of Use also be referred as Terms of Service or sometimes simply a condition, especially regarding the use of this website. Users of this website are most welcome to inform to Healthy Life authority, if they face any problem to use this site.

Be aware that, we will use third-party advertising as an example— Google AdSense— on this site and you can see these Ads when you are visiting us. We are using Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn etc Social Media page on our site. If you like us by using these Social Media you will get latest updates and notifications from time to time what are we updating into our site.

Although we are responsible to produce reliable content from third parties, but it is not so easy to give guarantees about the accuracy of the data which is given by third parties. You must agree to abide by all of the provisions of this site owner. You are solely responsible for your use of the site and for ensuring that your use complies fully with the provisions.

We will take every precaution to protect our user information. But we can use information to development and enhancements for it’s marketing and promotional purposes. Additionally, Healthy Life authority also can email to its users who provided their email address in connection with specific promotions or regarding updates and service enhancements.


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