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Physical Activity: Why?

Everyone knows today that physical activities is often a totally positive habit and suitable for all those who seek beauty, health and quality of life.… Read More

Keeping Your Pets Healthy and Happy During Winter

Cold days and low temperatures can easily affect the way we feel – and the same is true for our pets, too. Getting lazy is… Read More

Govt plans childhood blindness survey

The government is planning to conduct a childhood blindness survey to determine the number of children with blindness in the country. Prof AHM Enayet Hussain… Read More

Symposium on Universal Eye Health

Orbis International is organizing a symposium on UNIVERSAL EYE HEALTH at Bangladesh University of Health Sciences (BUHS) at Mirpur in Dhaka on December 18 (Thursday)… Read More

Corporal punishment is a pseudonym for abuse

SIR FRANK PETERS :: At what point, when hitting a child, does it become physical abuse?  Some parents and schoolteachers see no relationship whatsoever between… Read More


Food safety and food security have become growing concern for bangladeshi people.Food is indispensable to our survival. Everyone has the right to get pure food.But… Read More

4th Regional Public Health Conference is going to be held

Sharmin Hossain :: The Bangladesh University of Health Sciences (BUHS) and Department of International Health of the University of Oslo, Norway jointly going to organize… Read More

Women Take off Their Toes to Wear Heels Comfortably

The latest craze among Americans was operated the toes for them thin. However, this trend was apparently already displaced by another equally strange to many:… Read More

The Diet Can Prevent Alzheimer’s

People with diets high in vitamins or omega 3 fatty acids are less likely to suffer brain shrinkage associated with Alzheimer’s disease than people whose… Read More


Arnica is a genus containing about 30 species of perennial herbaceous plants belonging to the family Asteraceae. The genus name Arnica comes from Latin and… Read More

Boldo – Natural Medicine

Boldo is an evergreen tree of medium size. Can reach 15 m in height, but their growth is very slow. It takes decades to reach… Read More

The devil’s Claw – Powerful & Natural

The devil’s claw (Harpagophytum precumbens) is a plant native to southern Africa (in the regions adjacent to the Kalahari Desert in present-Gambia). Its fruit lies… Read More

Ginkgo Biloba – Single Tree in The World

Ginkgo Biloba (ginkgo) is also called “tree of forty shields”, the name to be the price paid by an amateur horticulturist Paris to English for… Read More

Orthomolecular Medicine

It is an alternative therapy that recommended amounts of biomolecules (of vitamins for example) above the thresholds set by the World Health Organization and the… Read More