Preventing Concussion & Head Injuries in Sport

In this article we will show you all about Preventing Concussion & Head Injuries in Sport. Sports like football, hockey, baseball and soccer are thrilling to play, but unfortunately they are sports where injuries come as part of the territory.

Indeed, head injuries and concussions are all too common in these games at professional and leisure level.

Therefore, it’s vital that everyone taking part in such sports, whether as a player or coach, should be aware of the dangers of concussion and head injury, as well as the actions that are likely to lead to these undesirable consequences.

There are sufficient examples from professional sport to demonstrate the omnipresence of these dangers.

Think of Arian Foster’s dispute with the Houston Texans coaching staff when, after he took a heavy blow to the head in a game in 2015, they took his helmet so that he couldn’t return to the field (he was eventually allowed back on after being examined by medics).

Followers of the English Premier League may recall a game last January when Hull City’s Ryan Mason was knocked out cold when, in attempting to head the ball clear, he clashed heads full-force with an opponent.

No chances were taken with the welfare of those professional athletes and the same should go for sport at all levels. In sports where helmets are worn, these aren’t for design or show.

They are intended to protect participants from nasty head injuries, and while they don’t eliminate head injuries completely, they prevent such injuries from occurring far more regularly.

Coaches and medics also have a key part to play in prioritizing the safety of participants over all else, no matter how much the victim might insist that they can carry on. Showing courage and strength in sporting activity stops far short of trying to persist through an undiagnosed concussion; nothing is worth running the risk.

Have a read of the infographic below from Bracken Foam Fabricators for further information on the pertinent topic of concussion and head injuries in sport, something which rears its ugly head far too often.

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