Activegel is helping women to keep their physical beauty...

Activegel helping women to keep their beauty…

Activegel Mammoplasty PictureFor every woman, the most important thing in life is always the preservation of beauty and attractiveness. A woman’s breast is her pride. It is her breasts that evokes adoration and admiration from the opposite sex.

It is possible to support a beautiful shape and suppleness of a woman’s breast with the help of a special drug – Hydrogel injections. Thanks to it every woman can get rid of various defects and deformities that have appeared due to injuries or a surgical intervention.

Areas of application – the widest possible: contour correction of the face, neck and body, mammoplasty and even restorative medicine (formation of cartilaginous implants). To get rid of wrinkles, unevennesses or asymmetries, to enlarge the breast, to give the necessary volume to the calves or buttocks is now as simple as, for example, to make an ordinary visit to a cosmetologist. ACTIVEGEL™ injections of the hydrogel are the most painless and simple method of correction. For anaesthesia purposes, either a local anaesthetic or an anaesthetic cream is used, that’s why the procedure causes only slight discomfort.

The injection filler is injected into the middle layers of the skin with a thin needle and it usually takes 10-30 minutes. According to research data, depending on the area of exposure, the patient can return to normal life either immediately or a few days later, when the swelling is finally gone and the recovery period ends.

Pre-clinical studies, as well as results of a 12-year-old use of Activegel, confirmed its safety in accordance with the requirements of DSTU ISO 10993.

The study showed that Gel injections are a good alternative to silicone because hydrogel-containing implants are safer and more convenient to use:

The unique properties of the hydrophilic gel Activegel allowed it to be classified as a universal gel. In addition, the positive charge of the implant blocks oxidative stress, which leads to a favourable course

of the postoperative period and results in the absence of inflammations. Hydrogel ACTIVEGEL, in comparison with its analogues, increases the safety and effectiveness of its use and reduces postoperative complications.

Material properties can also be used in:

— Implant “Activegel” has an elastic and viscous structure, which is as similar as possible to living human tissues; It also changes its temperature like human body;

— The material is not toxic, it was clinically confirmed that it does not lead to allergies;

— Hypoallergenic is ensured by the absence of animal ingredients and GMOs;

— The filler prevents formation of fibrous scars and granulomas since it does not lose its gel structure;

— If you choose modern gel implants, the installation will take little time while the incision will be very small.

You can buy Activegel on this site. The manufacturer guarantees that the price will fully correspond to the quality of the product and you will not have to overpay. Do you want to buy a high-quality product? Write or call us, and we will consult you and help you make a choice!

All girls want to be the most charming and attractive. They are ready to do anything to attract admiring glances of men. In some cases, by having sacrificed themselves, they will never regain their former beauty, since an operation may not yield a positive result. In such cases, not all remedies are good, it is worth using only those methods and means that have withstood the test of time. Implant hydrogel injection which corrects breasts is the only correct option in this case.

Features and benefits of the gel used to improve the condition of breasts

Restoring the elasticity of the skin of your décolleté zone without doing any harm to your body is just what active bio gel does. It has been tested by scores of people and yields excellent results. After its application, the soft tissues of your breast will again assume their former shape and your discontent with yourself will vanish like a terrible nightmare.

Do not spend a lot of money on surgery or painful procedures to regain your beauty after pregnancy or breastfeeding. Also, the above remedy will also help women whose skin is prone to rapid ageing with time, In addition, these hydrogel implants for breast augmentation in comparison with other ways of restoring breast elasticity is not that expensive, after all. It has the following benefits:

  • safety;
  • efficiency;
  • affordable cost;
  • reliability in use.

It should be noted that this gel:

  • Consists of substances that are a modelling and harmless prosthesis for breast;
  • Does not create a shell effect, unlike silicone inserts (implants);
  • Is used in home settings (it is injected together with antibiotics);
  • Is resistant to UV radiation;
  • Is defined as an enzyme immobilizer;
  • Is universal.

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