gaining popularity in recent years, not only for its health benefits,

Benefits of swimming

There is no doubt that swimming has been gaining popularity in recent years, not only for its health benefits, but also because it is one of the sports activities that best suit the qualities of each person and is indicated for any age. Since induction for babies, to water aerobics for seniors, through childbirth preparation exercises for pregnant or therapies in the water for the intellectually disabled, swimming is a sport that has no age or barriers to their practice.

Benefits of swimming for health
Crawl, breaststroke, butterfly or back. Four styles to suit every type of person and their needs. Common benefits of swimming pass from increased cardiorespiratory endurance to the reduction in heart rate and consequent stimulation of blood circulation. The crawl the style that helps increase our lung capacity because the higher debt require us oxygen production of red blood cells in our body increases, which promotes the circulation of oxygen in our blood and our lungs clean.
On the other hand, make a few long day also helps improve mood, as it helps to reduce stress.
In addition, swimming requires our body to use more than two thirds of the muscles of the human body: the tones, strengthens and even helps prevent joint injuries that occur with age. To do this, of course, we must swim at least 20 minutes.
With swimming, children learn naturally, to adopt a correct posture. It contributes to psychomotor development, so it is also a sport particularly suitable for elderly or suffering from some type of degenerative disease of the motor pathways.
As for the eternal question of whether swimming is recommended or not for people who suffer from back problems, we can answer that it is desirable, as long as you do to crawl or back. The styles breaststroke and butterfly are not indicated for back pain, being particularly negative if you suffer from back pain.

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