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Doorways to Love

‘Love for No Reason’

Find out how the chakras, or energy doorways, can facilitate you gain knowledge of  love your partner, family, friends and even yourself at a advanced stage.

Contrary to what greeting cards tell us, love isn’t just flowers, hearts, and a warm, fuzzy sensation; it’s in fact a pasture of energy that we can beat into on many different levels — physical, emotional, and spiritual. This love energy is what makes life truthfully pleasurable and luscious.

So how do we get involve into that energy and amp up our lives? By concerning to the body’s built-in energy structure. According to many different astuteness traditions, we have seven main energy centers in our body. If you’ve been present at a yoga class, you’ve most likely heard them called by their Sanskrit name: the chakras.
These energy centers are positioned in a vertical column from the base of the bristle to the top of the head and are well thought-out the junction points between the body and consciousness. Renowned researcher Dr. Candace Pert has discovered distinct biochemical activity occurring at the sites of the centers.

While volumes have been written about these energy centers and their effects on health and well-being, I’ve seen little about how they affect our ability to experience unconditional love. As part of my research for my latest book, Love for No Reason, I interviewed over 150 unconditionally loving people — I call them the Love Luminaries — and noticed something fascinating: all of the characteristics Love Luminaries share — the qualities of Love for No Reason – match the specific qualities traditionally attributed to each of the energy centers. For example, unconditionally loving people all seem to believe that they live in a “friendly universe,” which gives them a deep sense of safety in the world. This quality of safety is associated with the first energy center, located at the base of the spine.

Wow! I thought, If you strengthen the energy centers, you strengthen the qualities that help you open to love. When you think of each energy center as a doorway to love — you could say that the energy of love flows into our lives through the following seven doorways:

  • The Doorway to Safety: Being in the Here and Now. This doorway is attached to the energy center located at the groundwork of the spine, and is associated to feeling protected, secure, and grounded.
  • The Doorway to Vitality: Turning Up the juice extract. This doorway is attached to the energy center established in the area of the sacrum or lower abdomen and is related to feeling vital and living – both bodily and strongly felt.
  • The Doorway of Unconditional Self-Love – adoring Yourself No issue What. This doorway is attached to the power center established in the area of the naval or solar plexus and is associated to feeling empowered and worthy of love.
  • The Doorway of Openness: dwelling with an Open Heart. This doorway is attached to the energy center established in the heart and is associated to being open to completely giving and obtaining love.
  • The Doorway of Communication: approaching from Compassion. This doorway is attached to the energy center established in the locality of the throat and is associated to being able to hear and express ourselves from a location of love.
  • The Doorway of dream: Seeing with the Eyes of Love. This doorway is connected to the power center established in the middle of the forehead, also called the third eye, and is related to intuition and the ability to glimpse inward and outside reality and beauty.
  • The Doorway to Oneness: Connecting to Wholeness. This doorway is attached to the power center established at the peak of the head, and concerns to feeling connected to a larger entire: God, essence, Higher Self, Nature, the Divine or the cosmos.

Everything you need to feel greater unconditional love is available to you through these doorways. If you want to be able to give and receive love more fully, focus on developing the qualities that correlate to these centers. When we feel greater safety, vitality, empowerment, openness, expression, vision, and oneness, then we can truly experience Love for No Reason.

The energy of love is the most powerful force on the planet. When you tap into that energy, in any amount, it begins to transform your life — until you become an unshakable source of love for yourself and everyone around you. And that’s a truly warm, fuzzy experience!



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