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Fat Burning Walk

Fat burning walkThe walking exercise is a simple, efficient, enjoyable, and you don’t have to pay the fee of a gym to be in the form, you can help to control the levels of cholesterol, fend off your weight and the hypertension , in addition to preventing diseases such as osteoporosis, etc. as well as assist in treatment of depression, anxiety among others.

Walk the muscles while shaving, the mind is released and in addition there are no risks in terms of injuries, it is a very effective weapon to combat the sedentary lifestyle and the obesidado the excess of fat in the body . With only half an hour a day may be enough if there is no more time and gestures as simple as walking to work, to buy, to the house of friends, etc. we can be gaining life.
The contraindications that has the exercise of walking are very few, according to the Spanish Society of Community Medicine and Family , “only the functional disability of patients with advanced arthritis or sequelae of affections cerebro-vascular can pose a limitation to do walks” .
When one intends to stay in shape by exercising , you can be “worst the remedy that the disease”, because who has not been an athlete at the age of twenty, with forty will not become any champion although lance to do weights or running a marathon, all its evolution and should be respectful with over the years in the body. Walking is the best exercise you can do especially when it has been decided to make sport afternoon for those of you already do some sport, walking is an excellent warming.

Why is it a full year?
Active muscle pumps that are in the lower legs (that can be described as hearts peripherals), causing the feet act as sponges that vascular to make freshly squeezed, sent venous blood toward the heart and from the heart to the lung, so that the same blood apierna returns to l in the form of arterial blood.
To summarize, the expert, “enables you to comply a arteriovenous cycle, which means that the blood is oxygenated and improves all of our tissues and, more importantly, a person that walks an hour get the oxygenation that would be a sedentary person for seven days,” the walk avoids “that the exchange of gases is vascular deficient,” and also maintains quite a streak to varicose veins, that “we are not only an aesthetic problem, but that at times can become a real risk of thrombosis , Phlebitis, and pulmonary embolism”.

A curiosity?
Many believe that with walking don’t get enough exercise, but the truth is that doing so at a good pace, that is to say, about 7.5 kilometers per hour, lets you burn more calories than running at 10 kilometers per hour. Why? Because “the number of muscles involved is greater walk at a good pace that running at a speed that may be more comfortable,” and not only burn calories and with this you can get to delete diets , but can also be a great help to the public health.

According to a study published in IN merican Journal of Public Health , the average cost in health in people with a style of sedentary lifestyle (which burn less than 500 calories per week through physical exercise) is greater than 2,100 euros per year to that of people who choose a life style not sedentary (burns about 1,500 calories per week with physical exercise), “We know that we cannot live a long time without eating, sleeping or drinking, that with the years Of life in our cardiovascular system pays less, that the arteries are deteriorating and that blood pressure is altered, which the muscles are weaker and that our body posture worse. Something so accessible as walk could change this picture and the health of entire countries”, said the personal trainer, which reminds us that “our grandparents had better health because they were walking to the sites, and the change in life style in the big cities makes walk less than ever before,”

a study conducted with 102 healthy women demonstrated the effectiveness of walking as exercise: ‘It will be distributed this population into four groups: the first thing he did not exercise and the other three went about 5 kilometers at different speeds, so the women of the second group did so at a speed of 13 and a half minutes the kilometer, the third to 9 kilometer and the last to 7.5 kilometer.
to the six weeks the women of the latter group had achieved an improvement in their performance of the cardiovascular 14 %, the improvement of the performance of the women of the third group was The 9% and the women of the second of the 4 % ,” explains Comellas to illustrate that “you don’t need to take to our cardiovascular system improve performance, and also, when we walk we punish less our knees and the back, and it is that it would be very difficult to make injury,” however, it is essential to adopt an appropriate posture to avoid health problems and especially back. To begin, there are that properly support the foot, distributing a 33% by weight of each of the three points that make up the triangle of the plant (heel, which is the basis for the first finger and the base of the fifth)” and then there is that align the body, and seen in profile the healthy position it is the which allows you to draw a straight line that begins with the ear, passes by the shoulder, the middle of the hip and follows the straight line of the leg until the lateral malleolus tibial (inside of the ankle). And front there is to see a straight line from the knee up to the center of the foot, passing by the hip.

But then this The placement of the legs, “Are the usual alterations in the alignment of the legs either by genovarum (excessive clearance between the knees) or by genovalgum (when the knees are touching each other and the feet are too far apart)” These alterations cause changes that vary the position of the hip and determine the of the entire back, by what was finally load the entire lumbar and cervical area and can also cause bunions, problems with breathing and in some cases even digestive tract dysfunction”, adds the technical and specialist in fitness in postural education. The traumatologist José M. Cavanilles-Walker , specialist in orthopaedic surgery and traumatology hospital Universitari Trias i Pujol, warns, however, that “the genovarum is a structural alteration that affects the proper alignment of the femur and tibia, very common in babies, and disappears between the ages of 2 and 4 years and their presence in adulthood the response to different causes such as infections, tumors, injuries while the majority of cases that we see in daily practice are idiopathic ( Or, they are not due to identifiable cause) that in general is not an impediment to the normal running”.

Cavanilles-Walker adds that “it is true that this group of people has a greater tendency to submit the internal meniscus injury and to develop osteoarthritis of knee so early,” according to the specialist, “the genovalgum deformity is a relatively common in girls, which is usually fixed in stick as soon as the growth spurt, and those cases in which the deformity persists could be due to some concomitant disease such as obesity, this type of patients typically can develop problems patellar, chondroma flat and osteoarthritis of the knee and in many cases only have surgical solution,” Finally, the arms and breathing are the other two great allies of the good walk: “Two things should be automatic, arms balance our steps, so that we move the opposite arm to the leg that is moving and breathing must be regulated but also taking into account that “we must use the diaphragm as infants do, that is to say, noting that with the entry of air is Swollen like a balloon,” warns Comellas.

Although it seems to be a lie, there are a lot of people that does not breathe properly an action as automatic, essential and simple as it is done incorrectly in many cases, and more in the rush of the cities, where especially is very identifiable the breath and desacompasada accompanying persons with stress in these cases, the air does not reach the diaphragm, by what ever they feel more anxious and more nervous.
For these reasons Comellas believes that the fact of walking is half an hour daily which prescribe the specialists can not only be of great benefit physical, but you can also “help us to become aware of our body, of each one of our muscles and breathing,” and this, in turn, helps us to “take life with more calm, to live more intensely and with less stress”.

More Benefits
• METABOLISM: Decreases the triglycerides and total cholesterol. Active muscle enzymes by favoring the muscle metabolism and skeletal muscle activity, increases the defenses of the Body because it boosts the immune system and produces an improvement in glucose tolerance and the loss of fats leftover .
• BONES AND JOINTS: the articular mobility favors the bone metabolism by increasing the calcium and slows down the muscle atrophy, in addition to preventing the onset of osteoporosis
• HEART: The increase of the cardiac stroke volume decreases the heart rate, improves return venous, decreases the peripheral vascular resistance and blood pressure
• MENTAL: increases the sense of well-being, decreases the stress and the apathy is due to the release of the organism of endorphins , which are the endogenous substances produced by the central nervous system in response to certain stimuli, for example, the sport offers in the human mind some effects similar to those that could produce the morphine, increasing the well-being and the feeling of tranquillity.

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