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Get Flat Tummy in a Short Time

To acquire the flat tummy we have to take the preferable diet. avoid junk foods which are high in cholesterol  ,fatty acids,saturated fat etc. beyond these take a good protein food and some fat burners like grapes,oats, ragi malt, which are helpful to lose your weight. ragi malt is good for strengthen bones. due to intake of junk foods your body acquires a irregular shape,this makes you look ugly. to overcome these problems follow the diet that we suggest.


DAY 1- Early in the morning after your own workouts (as your interest) because exercises are good for health and help in your body buildup and shaping,have green tea. start your breakfast with 2 egg whites,one glass of milk with brown bread(suggested) and avoid oil foods. have a grapes or juice every 3 hours(avoid banana) in the brake between breakfast and lunch. for your lunch have spinach salad and oats. In the evening for snacks(if you are feeling hungry) have oat biscuits and vegetable salad. for your dinner have fruits(grapes,apple,pomegranate) and dates. if your too hungry only have plain roti with ginger pickle.

DAY 2- Start your day with green tea and have 3 egg whites(intake of water should be more ,whole day) after you are done with your breakfast have grapes very frequently.have spinach salad and oats for lunch and have only fruits for dinner. End up your day with lemon juice and there should be water intake of 6-8 glasses per day.

DAY 3- Start your day with green tea and have brown bread for breakfast,it is best preferable. Take oat biscuits and watermelon for snacks(if you feel hungry).have lemon juice at afternoon and grapes or watermelon for lunch(have oat biscuits for snacks in between lunch and dinner brake). at night for dinner end up with SPINACH salad and RAGI MALT.
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DAY 4- After day 3 you feel have a great change in your body. you feel losing your weight but do not stop the diet you are in. On day 4 take a cup of green tea and oats upma(oats) for breakfast. take orange juice and more of oranges for down taking your hunger feeling. have vegetable salad(with tomato,beetroot,carrot etc) for lunch and have only grapes. have fruit juices and more water,at night for dinner have plain roti and ginger pickle, have a banana if only you are hungry.

DAY 5- Routinely have green tea and ragi malt for breakfast, now for day 5 take plenty of watermelon and muskmelon (they are preferable for whole day 5 it is up to you).Have roti with dal for lunch and is advisable to take plenty of water  these days. end up with lemon juice, brown bread at night.

DAY 6-Have green tea it is must every day and take a vegetable salad inside a wheat bread for breakfast. have plenty of fruit juices, plenty of water. this is a crucial day you have to take more water and fruits have a look on your body, is it going well and accepting this diet. Have a vegetable soup before the lunch, after you are done with it take oats and spinach salad(have a lunch item if you are feeling weak).have oat biscuits frequently and plenty of water.

DAY 7- Green tea to start your day, Have bread toast for breakfast and take milk with honey. Take water frequently in less gap of intervals and drink fruit juices. After noon have vegetable salad and roti with ginger pickle for lunch. make up your special hygienic food to end up the week(like pasta, vegetable brown rice).


Exercises (or) workouts are strictly preferable for your good hygiene.

If you are worried with obesity problem follow above diet and maintain your health even though you break this diet plan.

Every single day it is must and should that there should be more intake water and fruits (or) juices (which are high in water).

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