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Hearing & Sonotone, A Technological Solution

hearingHearing aids help in big trouble. The sense of hearing is not appreciated until it is lost. The hearing loss is a barrier and a handicap for many people and the trend is isolated in a silent world. Hearing aids can be a great solution to their problems, and a significant improvement in quality of life, but not only for the deaf, if not also for their families and loved ones.

There are many brands dedicated to the development of auditory prosthetic devices that cover all the expectations of people with hearing problems.
Before you go to a hearing, you should go to a doctor so that the specialist otolaryngologist tell us what is the scope of our injury and see the alternatives that we have and make us his advice audiometric study. These centers usually do at no cost to the patient. According to their results, they offer custom hearing aids, as there are many types of them and all depend on your age, type of activities carried out and the degree of deafness.

Another feature of these centers is that you can take the print of the ears to make that part of the hearing aid in the ear canal is ergonomically and then worry to conduct a free training that allow the person to get the most performance to your device. We proceed to adapt to that behavior is optimal and the person does not have the feeling of listening sounds too loud, or too serious. They do all kinds of tests and once completed these tests, is quoted to visit the center every three months or so in order to check the hearing aid (cleaning, changing tubes, audio geometries, adjust the tones, etc.. ..) throughout the life of the prosthesis.
These centers are always trying to keep their customers happy and will do everything possible to make your dentures give the best results. The sounds are already digital and technology provides people with hearing the best techniques and their design makes them comfortable and almost invisible.

They are the solution for many deaf who do not hear well and they also lose much of the beauty of life.

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