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How to gain weight for skinny (With Diet to Gain Weight)

WeightSkinny guys often say that they can eat anything they want to gain weight, build muscle. They think they are blessed with a fast metabolism. They will say: “I do have women jealous of my metabolism. I can eat fast food all day without gaining weight.”

The truth is that you can eat whatever you want without gaining weight, build muscle, because you are not eating much. I know you think you eat, but it is not. Otherwise, you would not be skinny. Here’s how to gain weight for skinny guys.


1. Count Calories. Skinny guys tend to overestimate what they eat. Read the labels, use a food scale and control your daily calorie intake using FitDay. You need at least your body weight in pounds x 20 calories per day to gain weight.

2. Set a goal weight. A rule of thumb is at least 1 kg per each cm above 1m. Anything less you’ll always look skinny. There is no upper limit, if you want to weigh more. Examples of minimum goal weights:
1m70 / 5’7 “at least 70kg/154lbs
1m75 / 5’9 “at least 75kg/165lbs
1m80 / 5’11 “at least 80kg/176lbs
1m85 / 6’1 “at least 85kg/187lbs
1m90 / 6’3 “at least 90kg/200lbs
3. Eating every 3 hours. You need at least your body weight in pounds x 20kcal to gain weight, building muscles are 2700kcal/dia if you weigh 60kg. If you have a physical job or moving VERY, you’ll need even more. Eat every 3 hours.
Breakfast. Get a lot of calories in the first hour of the day. Read how to create the habit of eating breakfast and try these recipes breakfast.
Lunch and dinner. Prepare double portions at breakfast. 1 portion for the work / school, 1 portion when you return.
Snacks. Dried fruits, fruit, yogurt, cheese, eggs, sandwiches, milk, protein shakes,
Post workout. Physical activity burns calories. Eat noi post-workout to get that energy back. .
4. Eat food dense. 100g uncooked rice is 380kcals. 100g raw spinach is 25kcals only. Getting your daily caloric intake is easier if you eat foods high in calories. Your best options:
Mass. 100g of pasta is 380kcal and easier to eat than 100g of rice. Wheat pasta is healthier, but it takes longer to digest. Eat normal.
Whole milk. If you do not bother gaining some fat, drink 1 gallon whole milk a day on top of their current food consumption. I’ve seen people winning almost 30Kg/ano drinking 1 liter of milk per day while crouched 3x/week.
Nuts. Mixed nuts and natural peanut butter have +500 kcla/100g about 50% healthy fat and 25% protein. Eat dried fruit, or spend a peanut butter snack on your day. .
Olive Oil. Protects against heart disease and cancer. Healthy fats, fats help regulate your hormones like testosterone.
5. Stay strong. You want to go from skinny to muscular, not magérrimo or even more fat. See on strength training DicasdoFitness. More strength is more muscle. If you do not know where to start, check StrongLifts 5×5. And here are some tips.
Weights. Force you to stabilize the weight and allow natural movement. Start light, focus on technique and add weight progressively.
Compound exercises. Doing exercises that work the whole body. Squat, Land Development, Supino, Pulled, Parallel, …
Squat. Leg exercise for your entire body. When you can Squat 1.5x bodyweight for 1 rep, you will not be thinner. Squat often.
Rest. Muscle grows when you rest, not when you train. Do not train daily. Sleep, drink 1 liter of water per day and eat fruits / vegetables.
6. Eat protein. You need 1g of protein per Pound of body weight per day to build and maintain muscle mass. If you weigh 150lbs/68kg, são150g ​​of protein per day. Eat protein with every meal. Protein sources:

* Red Meat. Sirloin steaks, rump, Buffalo, …
* Birds. Chicken breast, whole chicken, turkey, duck, …
* Fish. Tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel, …
* Eggs. Eat the yolk, it’s full of vitamins.
* Dairy. Milk, cottage cheese, quark, yogurt, milk, …
7. Planning. Failing to plan is planning to fail. You do not have time to cook 3x/day, and the food at work / school is often low quality / more expensive. Prepare your food in advance and take it with you.
Go to the market. Avoid skipping meals because you have no food available. List everything you need to go buy one week.
Cook. Prepare all your meals once a day: For breakfast or while preparing dinner. It should take no more than 40min.
Let Simple. Make double portions to take leftovers with you, use cans of tuna and mixed nuts, 1 liter of milk per day, …
Take food with you. Food containers for work / school, mixed nuts in the cinema, eating before going to the ballad, take protein shakes to the gym …
8. Follow the progress. Success breeds success. Knowing that you are losing your skinny look will keep you motivated. Mark All.
Mark Calories. Keep following your daily caloric intake using FitDay to obtain a confirmation of how many calories you are eating.
Weigh up weekly. Gain weight? It changes nothing. Not gaining weight? Increase your daily caloric intake by 500kcal.
Take pictures. The mirror is subjective. The pictures do not lie. Photographing monthly so you have objective measures of your progress.
Mark the strength gains. When you can Squat 1.5x bodyweight for 1 rep, you will not be skinny. Use the 5 × 5 spreadsheet.
Weight Gain Diet. 3500 + kcal diet for example, a skinny guy who wants to weigh 81kg. This can be much less once if you have only 61kg or not at all, if you are very active. Individualize the diet based on your needs.

* Coffee: 100g oats, 50g raisins, Whey 1scoop
* Snack: 100g of mixed nuts or 1 liter of milk or tuna sandwich
* Lunch: 200g white pasta bolognese, parmesan
* Snack: 100g of mixed nuts or 1 liter of milk or tuna sandwich
* Post workout: 1.5scoops whey, 60g oats, milk, banana
* Dinner: 200g pasta bolognese, parmesan
* Bed: cheese, fruit, flax seed, fish oil

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