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How to protect back pain in a natural way?

back painToday I will show you sources of back pain in your home and how to negate the influences. And by this time you will get a solution how to protect back pain in a natural way? There are many things that cause back pain that mainly involve unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking too many energy drinks, little all no physical activity, insufficient water intake, improper diet, etc. Still, if you think that you lead a fairly active life, take care of your diet and do not have any bad habits but still experience back pain, then it is time to look at your home and daily activities at home for a possible source of this problem.

Go to the mattresses

Sleeping on mattresses and pillows that are too hard or too soft may be the main reason why you experience back pain. Still, if you are aware that your place for sleeping is of good quality and able to support your whole body equally then the reason for waking up with back pain is probably due to your improper sleep position during the night, especially if you sleep on your stomach. Try different sleeping positions to see whether this is the main cause of your back pain. Moreover, the many people’s favorite habit of reading in bed can also lead to back and neck pain and stiffness because reading while lying in bed can never be done in a comfortable position. Therefore, even if you want to read in bed, try to sit up with your back straight.

Mirror: mirror on the wall, whose back is the most painful of them all

You might find this strange but leaning over the sink in order to get really close to the mirror when you put your makeup on, clean the face, shave or brush your teeth can put a certain amount of pressure on your lower back thus causing pain that apparently has no real cause. Simply stop leaning too much over the sink and look at the mirror with your back and neck straight in order to see whether these daily activities are the reason behind your discomfort in the back area.

The floors you sweep & in pain you sleep

Regular daily activities such as cleaning the house, vacuuming, mowing the lawn, putting the laundry in the washing machine and taking it out and generally tidying up can put a significant strain on your back due to constant leaning forward, intermittently getting up and crouching and most importantly, using the strength of your back to lift heavy objects or get up instead of your legs. You can practice using your leg muscles for these activities while keeping the back strain-free, but if the pain persists and you are sure that daily chores are the main cause, think about asking your other family members for help or hiring someone else to do this work for you.

The game of chairs

Working from home is really convenient but your home office might be the main reason for troubling back pain. Take a good look at your working area and think about your position while you sit. Your computer monitor might be further that you need or your desk might be too short for your height causing you to constantly hunch forward. Most importantly, analyze the chair you sit in for a good part of the day. There are specially designed ergonomic office chairs for good lumbar support so if you feel that your chair is not comfortable enough and the cause of your pain it is time to replace it.

Of course, taking care of your health, planning your meals and drinks, engaging in regular physical activity and controlling your weight are most important factors for painless back, but do not forget to approach some everyday home activities if the problem persists.

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