How to protect youngsters from drug?

How to protect youngsters from drug?

Drug Consumption of drugs is a grave issue goes unabated. The life of young generation is at stake for falling prey to various narcotic substances of which, Yeaba, Phensidyl, cannabis and heroine are mentionable. These are available in every nook and corner in our country, though law enforcing agencies and Narcotic Department are determined to curb it. Except a few, most of the drugs are smuggled from India and Myanmar.

The BGB guards our boarder but it fails to check the inward flow of drugs into our country, inasmuch as the smugglers change pattern of smuggling. The females are used to carry it evading the watch of law enforcing agencies. Even Yeaba is carried keeping secretly in sexual organ. Some unethical members of law enforcement agencies are satisfied with bribe to smuggle in our country.

The young generation is the worst sufferers and their academic life is fully damaged at the onslaught of drugs. Addiction covers the female section also. Still we can not forget the ferocity of Oishi a dug addicted girl of a police officer and his spouse. An addict starts stealing money from home and ends in force extortion.

Borrowing money, selling goods and cheating money are the ways to grab money for buying drugs. Who will hold the steering of our country if the academic life of the young generation is marred by addiction?? An addict not only damages himself, he damages his family and affects the country simultaneously. Which is why, we should resist addiction anyhow to save people and the country. How to protect youngsters from drug? I have the following proposals-

1. We have to stop smuggling & selling drugs. The boarder security force, law enforcement agencies and Narcotic Department shall jointly work against it.

2. The agents & sellers must be tracked down and be nabbed for trial.

3. The guardians shall keep and watchful eye on their sons and never allow night stay with friends outside home. They shall follow the nature of activities, type of friends. Always avoid giving cash.

4. Printing & Electronic Medias shall announce the demerits of drug intake.

5. The dishonest members of law enforcing agencies shall be punished for maintaining rapport with drug traffickers and sellers.
6. The children shall be imparted with religious lessons from childhood.

7. The guardians shall never misbehave with their addicted sons but sympathize with them. The addicted members shall be referred to doctor for treatment & counseling.

8. Start social campaign against addiction. This will create awareness among people.

9. The Government shall incorporate the demerits & grim facets of drugs in the academic text of Primary School to Higher Secondary level.

10. Make your children be happy with healthy entertainment & sports. Avoid western culture and unhealthy TV serials.

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