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Privacy Policy

The information which are used in Healthy Life platform is the possessions of site owner only. There is no chance to use these information without prior written permission from this site authority. If anyone do these type of illegal and unethical activities, we will take obligatory lawful accomplishment.

We are collecting our data in many ways. One of the popular methods of data collection through press release. Every company of this sector is welcome to give his/her products data. Though the data is coming from different sources, that’s why who are giving data those should be corrected, completed and updated.

It is fully forbidden submission of any illegal or pornographic content or link here. If anyone does this type of activity, we will take necessary legal action as soon as possible to the guilty.

Though we have deep effort and keen interest to preserve our user privacy, but sometimes we may need to disclose personal information when required by law wherein we have a good-faith belief that such action is indispensable to act in accordance with an existing judicial proceeding, a court order or legal process served on our website.

Health Life authority has a deep enthusiasm to implement latest technology and security measures as safeguard the privacy of its user from loss and unauthorized access or improper use. It has the rights to preserve the information of the clients in its database for reference.

Beside that, we have the full authority or full rights to change or erase any data from this site if it is seems that the data is not suitable or it could be unsafe for the site owner or for the society or user.

We can assure that we will never sell, rent or give your personal data to any third party except where the law permits or unless you specifically agree. It is true that the vision of the Healthy Life authority is— to do some business but this is not our ultimate goal or mission.

Actually we born to give service to the human being who want to live happily. But there is some expansion to maintain this website such as domain, hosting charge with server maintenance. And we have a number of quality workers also. That’s why we need some financial support to survive. Usually we collect revenue from advertisement and donation from our supporters.


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