asier to make the best choice for lunch and dinner.

Rice type with Benefits

Who is always following weight loss diets, healthy living, good food, know that menus for weight loss always count suggest the consumption of brown rice. But is this really the best option to lose those extra pounds? And is it only brown rice is healthier than white rice?

Often there are myths that pass from generation to generation, leaving doubts about what really is truth and what is hype. So, nothing better than learning a bit more about the food, that way is easier to make the best choice for lunch and dinner.

Below you can see some details about this which is one of the leading members of the Brazilian family table:

Benefits of Rice:

The rice is a source of carbohydrates, vitamins B1 and B2, minerals, iron, zinc and contains no gluten, which is a big benefit for those who are allergic.

Types of rice:

White or polished rice – is the most common rice, one that is present in the table of most Brazilians and what suits all dishes, but it is not the most nutritious rice. During the manufacturing process has removed its shell and it is this which contains more nutrients.

It is a source of carbohydrates and has quick cooking.

Parboiled rice – is a bit more nutritious than white rice because its process is done with boiling water and its nutrients in the process end up going to the inside of the grain. It is a rice having vitamin B

Brown rice – rice that does not pass through the process of being polished or refined, keeping the outer layer and then that way it keeps all its nutritional properties. It is darker than white rice and parboiled. Brown rice in addition to having more manganese, selenium and B vitamins, it is high in fiber, which makes the intestines work better and increases satiety, causing hunger takes to arrive and you do not end up sabotaging your diet.

Your preparation is more time consuming than the white rice and parboiled, it has more consistent grain, harder than normal and can be done steamed or boiled in water and salt, but will always need more water than normal for the your cooking.

Black rice – is a rice originating from China, its flavor is more rustic and it is not cooked like white rice, it is more al dente, more Durinho. It is rich in iron and antioxidants, which fight free radicals and thus prevent among other things the appearance of wrinkles on the facial skin. The black rice also has less fat, fewer calories and 30% more fiber than brown rice, so it is very advisable for those on diet and want a healthier life.

Arborio rice – is ideal for the preparation of risotto and desserts, because it has much starch and end up getting more creamy when cooked. It’s not too caloric, but because of risotto recipes, eventually becomes a dish that can sabotage your diet.

Wild rice – is a very different type, its grains are long, dark and needle-like. Once cooked it is firm on the outside and softer inside. It’s an option that has enough fiber and fewer calories than white rice, is more expensive than others mentioned, and its flavor is stronger.

Red rice – his cooking is like white rice, and contains more iron, zinc and fiber. It contains monocolina, a substance that helps to reduce cholesterol, assists in blood circulation, digestion and gut.

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