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Want to be taller than everybody?

Are you tensed?
Your favorite girl (or boy) is away from you? Because you could not express feelings as you are short? because he or she will think you less?
Think that this small size is from your family?
You want this job or promotion or opportunity but you are always denied  because you are Shorter ?
Are you asked what is your age when you are entering the club or to drink alcohol ?
When you are talking with people do you feel hesitation because you are short?
Couldn’t become a athlet because you are shorter?
Only emotional pain in your life and making you depressed faster?

Most of the young people’s desire to grow height. They want to get long by hook or by crook. But how? How long will it take? You can, you can. You need to know a few things.

* It should be kept in mind that growing long is not your own desires. It is Associated with the genetic matter. It can be seen that, a man is always just enough long as his parents. It may be that the children of parents with two tall parents are shorter. I hope I do not have to say, what is the reason? Hmm, good ans. Mendel’s Law.

* A good amount of nutritious food is an option. Fast food, Junk food is not beneficial for health. Avoid it & it will benefit you to grow longer.
* Heavy exercise? Like IT? Sorry, must be stopped. Until being an adult  it is too risky.
* No need to stop exercise! Yoga is always beneficial for growing height.
* Don’t sleep enough? Need to sleep at least for 6-7 hours. Accute sleep is beneficial for health.
* Coffee & tea should not drink much. Extra caffeine is not good for health. Do you want to inhale extra hormone for getting height? You are welcome to do that. What will happen? Nothing. You wan’t grow height if you are underage.
* You must not carry heavy things. Carrying heavy school bags, bucket of water add pressure on the body which are not good also. Carrying heavy things creates heavy pressure on the spine. Spine becomes weak & furthermore it becomes cranky.
* Rotten, stale food must be eaten. It would make your digestive system weak which will make an affect in your growth.
* You must contact a doctor if you don’t have enough height at the age of 18.


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