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Why you should eat pear?

There are many type of fruits available in this beautiful world. Some are health beneficiary are some are just used for diet. There are many colors, types of fruits. But, how would you choose which one is for you? Which one can give you benefits? Which would help you to get skinny with lots of nutrition? Well every type of fruit can help you in that way. But, among them pear is a good choice. A fruit that is none the less popular with very great benefits. Read on to know more!
What are the benefits of pears
The pear is a typical fruit of the Mediterranean zones and other temperate zones, have spread worldwide. We can find them in the market for most of the year, although it is a winter fruit. There are many varieties of pear, of different textures, sizes, flavors and colors. Its high water content is one of its most outstanding qualities, but are much more properties Pear.
The pears are very suitable for weight loss diets for the large amount of water they contain (between 80 and 85%), as well as having fewer calories.

It is also a fruit with a high fiber content, which helps to keep the feeling of fullness, has a purifying action of the body and regulates intestinal transit.

Pears are recommended for people with high blood sugar levels, since they have a regulatory effect of these levels.

For its low amount of sodium and hydrates and carbon, and high amount of potassium, pears are highly recommended for diabetes, high blood pressure or cardiovascular conditions.

Furthermore, it is a fruit rich in various vitamins such as A, B1, B2, C and E, also a source of folic acid and iron to enhance the latter mentioned red blood cells.

On the other hand, their high content of pectin is combined with a large pear to reduce cholesterol levels.

Despite the low energy power, the carbohydrates present in the pear, fruit make it an energy, suitable for athletes, since carbohydrates are slow assimilation.

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