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11 Low Calorie Snacks

low calorie snacksThough snacks are very tasty and popular among us but this type of food is with high calorie. We are giving here a short list of low calorie snacks. Satisfy your cravings between meals with these healthy, low calorie snacks. You can make it as your daily diet routine. Pick two treats each day that means each snack is 150 calories or less.
Strawberries with Chocolate Sauce1 cup strawberries drizzled with 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup. To make it you need1 medium size apple, sliced, with 1 tablespoon peanut butter.
Hummus with Pita and Peas: We can make it with 3 tablespoons hummus; 1/2 whole-grain pita, cut into pieces; and 1/2 cup pea pods.
Green Tea with Cookie: This is very popular snacks all over the world. Unsweetened green tea with 1 oatmeal dark-chocolate cookie, such as TLC by Kashi.
Granola Bar: Granola Bar is a unique one. You can try it with 1 trail-mix granola bar.
Strawberries and Cream: You know that we not need to explain how tasty it is! It’s nutrition facts per serving is: 153 calories, 3g protein, 28g carbohydrate, 5g fat (3g saturated) and 7g fiber.
Chocolate Pudding: Basically children love it very much. But we adult people also fan of this snack. To make it 1 chocolate pudding cup with 1 graham-cracker square crushed and sprinkled on top.
Cafe Mocha: 12-ounce nonfat cafe mocha but no whipped cream.
Tomato Juice and Cheese: 8-ounce, V8 juice with 1 piece of string cheese .
Oranges with Walnuts: Orange has a lot vitamin C. 4-ounce mandarin-orange cup topped with 2 tablespoons chopped walnuts.
Apple and Cheese: This is very common snack in every family. It’s nutrition facts per serving is: 150 calories, 1g protein, 15g carbohydrate, 8g fat (5g saturated) and 3g fiber.
Pudding with Cherries: This snack’s nutrition facts per serving is: 141 calories, 3g protein, 34g carbohydrate, 0g fat or 0g saturated and 1g fiber.

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