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Fitness Tips

fitnessThere is a lot way to maintain fitness of the human body. Sometimes we think what way will be smart — exercise-loving, fiber-eating!? And the woman would think she could get a better body by doing what Hollywood types do? Me — when I know the advice comes from a sane celebrity trainer who takes wellness seriously.

But no way will be effective if you not serious about your goal to fit yourself. We are giving here some tips about fitness.

Please build strong bones and muscles so that you could look healthy and fit. Trainer Joe Dowdell has actress Claire Danes hoist some hefty weights during her high-intensity workouts.

You have to focus on yourself at first. Trainer Gregory Joujon-Roche says, It’s important to get out of your head and into your body.

Los Angeles-based fitness instructor Torri Shack says, don’t believe everything you read about how the stars stay fit. He says, many celebrities work out four to six days a week for up to 90 minutes each time, have professional trainers and eat a clean, very calorie-restrictive diet. They don’t ‘just’ do Pilates or yoga twice a week. When you compare yourself to a svelte movie star, remember that it’s her job to stay beautiful. So Healthy Life24 is going to request you please think about Torri Shack’s speech – you are an actress!

Try these expert tips to rejuvenate your exercise routine and keep your body healthy and strong. Go barefoot for whole-body health, To burn fat, don’t sweat it, Yell to increase fitness levels and self-confidence! If you refuse to wear shoes in the summer, you may enjoy better blood circulation, a happier mood, stronger bones and better posture.

Sweat signals a rising body temperature, not necessarily an increased calorie burn (although most of us will sweat as we work harder). Author of 28 Day Body Shapeover Brad Schoenfeld says, In the sauna you’ll sweat buckets but you aren’t burning fat. He says, the best indicator of calorie burn is either heart rate or a rating of perceived exertion (RPE). RPE is a self-report scale that ranges from 1 (complete rest) to 10 (maximum effort). High intensity equals increased heart rate, which equals more fat burn.

Take celebrity fitness advice with a grain of salt. A dance workout that’s for girls only. In a time crunch? Get a better workout! Founder of CityWide SuperSlow in Chicago and personal trainer Keith Morton says, people are surprised at how little exercise they need to get and stay fit. He says, It’s the quality, not quantity, of the exercise that counts. Mississauga-based fitness trainer Marc Lebert adds that his best workouts occur when he’s pushed for time. If I give myself 20 minutes to work my legs, I know I have to increase my intensity, he says. A time limit makes every set count.

Food packs more punch than exercise. When it comes to changing the size and shape of your body, exercise is only 30 percent of it, says Ariane Hundt, a New York City-based certified personal trainer and instructor at Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp. The rest needs to come from proper nutrition and a positive sense of self. It only takes a few minutes to consume about 1,000 calories—but it can take hours to burn that sandwich off.

Please tackle the best time to burn fat. Hundt advises doing Cardio in the morning, on an empty stomach, if you’re looking to shed some weight. Since you haven’t eaten since dinner, the carbohydrate stores in your muscles and liver will be nearly depleted, she says, so your body has to reach into your fat stores for energy.
If you really want to be fit please ‘Be Fluid’! Pilates expert Daniel Loigerot says, drinking before and at frequent intervals during your workouts prevents dehydration, cramps, and overheating.


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