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At the 40;Everything Changes

40 year women

There is talk of the crisis of the 40, but is it certain that you might in some cases may appear a certain concern nostalgic, but this is not the case in reality.


While it is true that approximately at that age it was already starting to notice the traits of go fulfilling years, this process began long before, if you are 40 years and you feel good, it’s because these good. If you have 40 years and feel that is in the middle of a crisis, exceed the preparing your body for the changes, and enjoy a full life after age 40 years, many women and men begin to be dissatisfied with their physical appearance and its vitality, because the legs, the area of the belly and buttocks are beginning to give ‘niggles’. A slight increase in weight that makes us lose the line and is more difficult than in previous years remain even trying to eat less.

Why is that everything changes?

The important factors that cause this increase in weight there are essentially four.

1.The muscle mass is reduced

2. The metabolism becomes slower

3. The hormonal concentration is modified

4.There is a deficit of body movement

The bodies are beginning the process after the approximately 30 years of age, a period in which the performance decreases, the composition of the body is changed, you will lose muscle mass and change orders that make the body burn calories by slowing down the process, all this is subject also to the disposition of each individual and their genetic makeup, but even more with the power and of their living habits.

How to deal with this natural process?

First, you have to learn how it works the body and its metabolism. If you understand this, as your metabolism works, will keep at bay, you will know keep the balance and above all, you’ll adapt your lifestyle to the new circumstances you face. You ll achieve the desired weight and will keep you begin by paying greater attention to your daily diet includes foods that contribute to you these nutrients needed for your age. He sleeps the hours necessary and apart from having a good physical activity, such as for example a good daily walk of half an hour is an excellent choice. This in the long run will make you feel better, vital, attractive and satisfied.


Be safe, be alive & be strong. 40 or 50 life is always beautiful!

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