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Football: benefits and contraindications

And the most beautiful game in the world practiced football is an intense and sustained sport that requires good physical condition and regular training. Football is a way to reduce weight, increase muscle strength and moreover to hold on to youth. body can be easily benefited by football. A game on which you can always depend on and all you need is just a football. And you can play with anyone. And that is what it actually matters.

Health Benefits

  • Improves cardiovascular endurance: sprints, repeated successive accelerations, improves heart rate and respiratory function,
  • Strength and balance: muscular development and improvement of the center of gravity,
  • This actually works on speed and skill.
  • Contraindications
  • Football is a sport practicable by all, which does not require special physical abilities.

Attention to:

  • The monoftalmia (not see out of one eye) that can impair the healthy eye,
  • from 50: periodic cardiac examination performed.
  • Accidents and diseases
  • Groin injury (adductor tendinitis)
  • Muscular accidents: often caused by too brief warm,
  • Accidents joint knee meniscus and ligaments,
  • Ankle sprains,
  • Light injuries: muscle contusions, bruises, strains, sprains, tendonitis,
  • Serious injuries: fracture of tibia and fibula, cervical lesions.

Tips & Equipment During heating:

cardio for 15 minutes,

muscle work: stretching, stretching exercises,

technical work: passing, shooting at goal, …

Specific equipment:

shin pads (compulsory competition)

shoes, tacos,

to the goalkeeper: shorts reinforced at the hips and gloves.


Women’s football

Although it is still little known and practiced, women’s football is increasingly popular among women. The benefits and contraindications remain the same as for men. However there are some different points in the case of women:

Features player:

  • more often are victims of trauma to the head and knee injuries than their male counterparts
  • muscular reinforcement necessary
  • brittle bones
  • more lightness and flexibility
  • difficulty fit shocks but more resistance to pain.

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