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Which is Healthier Between wine and beer?

Which is Healthier Between wine and beer

If you’re taking a glass to your health, what you do in between drinks may be more important than whether you’re downing wine, beer, or hard liquor, argues a new study from University of Texas researchers.

Multiple studies have linked moderate red wine consumption—roughly 1 or 2 glasses a day—to a longer, healthier life. And for years researchers have hypothesized that wine’s unique antioxidants like resveratrol were the key to the liquid’s life-extending benefits.

The Texas study tracked the drinking habits of 800 people during a 20-year period, and seemed to confirm the health powers of wine. Those who didn’t drink alcohol suffered from the highest mortality rates—69 percent of participants died during the study period. Among moderate alcohol drinkers who consumed little or no wine, the death rate dropped to 50 percent. Moderate drinkers who consumed mostly wine had the lowest mortality rate—just 32 percent.

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