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How to bring sugar level in blood down

blood sugarHigh sugar level in blood is also bad for health and heart, so how can it be brought down.

Here is a tried and tested method of bringing it down.

Someone brought his blood sugar level down by taking a very small amount (about quarter teaspoonful) of Maythee (Fenugreek) and Daarcheyney (Cinnamon)  powder every day.

At one time he had a very hard time in keeping  blood sugar level at 7.4 (Fasting).  Then since year and half ago he started taking a pinch of Maythee (Fenugreek) powder first thing in the morning with water and then a quarter teaspoonful of Daarcheyney (Cinnamon)  powder with tea every day.

His latest blood test has shown sugar lever at  5.3 (Fasting). Now he does not worry about eating a small amount of sweets .

He has stopped the unnecessary luxury of eating lunch since a few years ago.  Eating dinner after breakfast and breakfast after dinner strikes a very good balance for the body. Perhaps one will agree.

He has not been very keen on eating rice.

If Maythee powder is not available then a few grains of Maythee can be chewed in the morning after leaving it overnight in some water in a cup. The water can also be drunk while chewing it. If Daarcheyney powder is not available then a little piece can be chewed and digested.  Daarcheyney can also be taken with honey if available.

Walking a minimum of two miles a day or more is also very helpful.

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