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How Do I Lose Fat?

obesityBody fat accounts for approximately 15-20% of our body weight ideal conditions for men and less than 25% for a woman also in ideal conditions. It is determined by genetic factors, like almost everything that makes up our bodies, but their form and amount that is stored in our body also depends on environmental and behavioral factors, such as diet or physical activity that we have and therefore excess fat (obesity) as the maldistribution of it in our body

Obesity seriously affect our health and our social life.

The adipose tissue consists of two types of fat cells or adipocytes: the type of brown and white type. They are so called for their color.
Brown adipose tissue or brown fat tissue is named for its brown color and which participates in the regulation of body weight and temperature (are specialized cells in the dissipation of heat) .. White adipose tissue is one that is responsible for capturing, storing, and synthesizing fat mobilization. It is a large organ metabolically active and involved in collecting all that can be recognized as energy reserves, mobilizing them to areas of our body such as the abdomen. In their adipocytes are large amounts of triglycerides, which contain great power energy and therefore these cells are a major source of fuel, but when we eat more than our body needs, the excess is converted into fat and this type stored fat forming the dreaded ‘love handles’, ‘rolls’, ‘float’ (or as they want to call it) in various parts of the body.
The steps we need to see changes in our body without us having to resort to “express diets” are not any miracles or anything that we ignore, namely: a good diet, a good training program and a lot of discipline and patience.
Not everyone is the same and need the same thing, but basically, depending on body mass index (BMI) that we have at the time to start a good nutrition program will be the time it takes us to get the desired weight. First of all, we must not expect realistas.y in six weeks will do the miracle fat if your level is above 20%. Even if your diet and training is well designed, patience must be our ally, it is a matter of time lose that excess adipose tissue that have accumulated by magic.

How do you design a diet?

We can not all be experts in nutrition, but we can learn what things to keep in mind when following a diet for the diet is well designed.

Eat quality protein foods

The muscle tissue is what makes us move and burn energy needs protein to strengthen and retained. Need in your diet an adequate amount of quality protein. If you exercise, especially if the workouts are intense (the cardio) can put us into a momentary state of catabolism. Catabolism is called the state that occurs when the body itself, receiving no food, just for nourishment of their own tissues thus consuming muscle and slowly running with our muscle mass and this process can take place (between others) precisely in cases in which we subject our body to hard training and not feed properly to grow, or when we follow a diet low in protein. The result is that we lose most of our body mass e s precisely what we do not want, and that is what, apart from giving us physical strength, we define the shapes we want. It is recommended that the following foods are consumed.
• turkey breast
• Chicken Breasts
• Beef (lean cuts)
• Cooked ham
• Tuna in brine
• Egg whites
• Grilled Salmon
• Some low-fat cheeses

Complex carbohydrates moderate glycemic index

The glycemic index plays a very decisive factor in the storage of carbohydrates, which will eventually be stored in the body reserves.
Some carbohydrate foods respond differently in the body when insulin secretion. Some generate an appropriate insulin response, while others, when the glycemic index is high, causing massive amounts of insulin, which promotes lipogenesis process, which is the process for the synthesis of carbohydrates in which glucose is converted fatty acids and triglycerides ends up becoming. Carbohydrates instead of being stored as muscle or liver glycogen is converted into fat.
There are a number of complex carbohydrate foods are those with a glycemic index and should be in your diet to lose fat and get a proper amount of fuel and insurance training our muscles and the rest of the body is well nourished and will not suffer consequences because your glycogen will be balanced.

Foods rich in carbohydrates with a moderate glycemic index

• Wholemeal pasta
• Rice
• Whole wheat bread
• Bananas
• Wheat flour in general and if better integrated
• Avena
• Amaranth
• Potato (better skin)
• Sweet potato (who likes)
• In general all food unrefined flours and easily absorbed.
After training, you can eat some foods with high glycemic index, as you’ll need a quick response from your body to recharge carbohydrates. Also early in the day to start bioenergetic processes.

Fibrous carbohydrates and BTU

No carb fad diets and occasional fibrous frigorie (very low calories and to process, the agency spends more than what these bring to their consumption) is not a good diet to lose fat. The battle fat beats proper intake of fiber. Fiber makes less fat is absorbed and eliminated by the gut better.
An antioxidant vitamin and may be important. Raw foods such as spinach, carrots, celery, alfalfa sprouts and some frigories like lettuce are excellent antioxidants and provide lots of fiber to the body. There are some vitamins and antioxidants such as extra supply of high quality and made of good science on the market, but remember that if you use must be of high confidence. Escape seasonal propaganda.

Example Diet

An example of diet (of course can be changed in the same line of food) for a 80 kg person having a body mass of 20% and train all week with cardio and weight also makes:
• 2 cups cantaloupe or banana
• 2 sandwiches turkey breast or tuna natural
• 2 cups of lettuce
• 1 can of tuna in brine (or turkey breast)
• 1 cup mashed potatoes
• 2 cups of rice
• 2 cups of spinach
• 200 grams of beef (lean cuts)
• 2 cups fresh pineapple in juice or
• 1 cup light gelatin
• 1 liquid whey powder
• ½ chicken breast grilled
• 1 cup carrot
• 2 tomatoes
• 1 cup of lettuce
• 1 liquefied whey
A meal can be replaced by a protein shake good quality.
Of course this is just an example diet. We should always be being advised by a nutritionist.
Diet This example is not intended to restrict calories, but that these are ingested wisely and with quality food to help eliminate body fat. It’s a generous diet with fiber and with the cooling of foods like lettuce are foods that provide a slight negative energy balance because the body uses more energy to process effort that they themselves provide. However, do not about a “diet for all” but just an example. This article was written for you have a better view of what is and how to remove that ugly layer of fat covering your muscles and showing our forms in all its glory.

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