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How to safely workout during pregnancy

Most women presume that because they are pregnant it means that they should stop exercising completely. However, this could not be farther from the truth, because light exercise will help you stay fit, and promote oxygen-rich blood flow, which will benefit the baby as well. Your biggest concern is not to go overboard and to take it lightly.

Stay active


One of the best ways to exercise is to just simply walk around the neighbourhood as it will be great for blood circulation. Moreover, moving out of the house can be good because if you are sitting in one place for too long, it could make your swell up. Remember that further down your pregnancy you will have to get bigger shoes, as walking might make your feet swell.

Yoga for healthy pregnancy


While it appears to be impossible to move around with a bigger and bigger belly, especially when it comes to yoga workouts, you should not shy away from it. Not only is yoga great otherwise, but it is excellent during pregnancy. Pay attention to the pace you are going with, and stop immediately if you feel uncomfortable or pain. Bear in mind that yoga is going to be amazing for those days when you feel really exhausted as it will help you relax.

Lifting weight during pregnancy


During pregnancy, it would be advisable that you stay away from heavy lifting, especially if you are doing it with your back. Nevertheless, you can go about some light lifting which will make you stay a fit mommy. Stay away from heavy weights as they could strain your body too much, and in the worst case scenario cause complications. Besides getting physically tougher, you will also exercise your mental health as well. Remember, you are not just exercising to get fit, but to prepare your body for the upcoming labour too.

Keep your posture

Investing in a simple stability ball could be your best decision for exercise during pregnancy. Not only is it fun to use, but it will be wonderful for lightly working out while you watch your favourite show. On the other hand, it will be an effective way to work on your support and maybe even get rid of some back pain. Before you start your workout routine though, do not forget to check with your doctor to avoid any unnecessary risks and dangers.

It is not all fun and games

Unfortunately, you will be experiencing some level of discomfort and maybe even pain throughout pregnancy, and if you do so when exercising, stop immediately. Experts from a clinic in Sydney recommend using medical supplies you can get and use without any repercussions. Your baby’s health is top priority, which means that you need to carefully plan out what you eat, how you exercise and which medication you may take.

Staying active in your pregnancy will help you through and you will not have to be concerned about hurting yourself nor your baby if you do not go overboard. Every time you feel discomfort, then you know you had enough. Furthermore, the more you exercise the more beneficial it will be for your baby too, just try to keep it simple and light, in order to avoid any strain and possible injuries.

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