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Lemon and Its Benefits


While it is a fruit acid flavor are many properties that this small defect, becomes a virtue after meeting the nutritional benefits and healing that gives us.
The lemon occupies first entered the fruits curative, preventive and vitamin content, making it a great eliminator of toxins and a powerful bactericide.

It has vitamin C in abundance which strengthens the body’s defenses to prevent disease, especially respiratory ranging from a simple cold, hoarseness, tonsillitis, to pneumonia, bronchitis, congestion, flu, pleurisy, asthma etc.

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid has great power disinfectant also has an anti-toxic action against microbial and medicated poisons. Along with vitamin C is vitamin P which helps tone the capillaries and blood vessels.

It is also called vitamin capillary permeability because without it blood capillaries become fragile and break easily jeopardized, causing small hemorrhages.

Helps heal wounds of all kinds, applied inside and out.
Lemon is rich in minerals including highlights potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus (also contains sodium, iron and fluoride).

Potassium, for example, is essential for life and beneficial for the treatment of hypertension.

It has some B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, PP).
Vitamin B1 (thiamine) prevents and cures beriberi disease whose symptoms are paralysis, edema and heart failure. Is also implicated in the metabolism of carbohydrates.

Vitamin PP (niacin) guards against rough skin, pellagra. Disease manifested by inflammation of the skin, poor digestion and mental disorders. This vitamin is necessary to preserve the health of the skin, digestive system and nervous system.

It is a fruit that could be defined as quintessential medicinal as it acts as curative in more than 150 diseases.

In any part of the body where toxins are either in the blood, organs, and tissues, once ingested lemon comes to combat and expel dissolving their accumulations.

In gastrointestinal poisoning from eating bad food or bad food combining or slow digestion and pains of the liver and gallbladder, lemon acts standardizing altered functions, neutralizing toxins and aiding in their elimination.

It is also a major consumer of microbes and the best protector against infectious enfemedades.

In cases of fever helps eliminate, oxidizing and excreting toxic are not properly neutralized and eliminated. With the exception of rheumatic fever.

Lemon is good in cases of hypertension, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease (activating blood circulation), in diabetes contributes to prevent artery-related complications.
Prevents the formation of kidney stones and may even dissolve slowly.

Like any drug consumption is directly linked to the physical condition of each person, if it is a great ally of health also its consumption should be restricted to situations particularized, which an individual may be suffering from being in such cases their indicated no consumption.

For example is contraindicated in cases of demineralization, softening, anemia, rickets, brittle bones, swollen gums, loose teeth and badly decayed, sores in the mouth and throat, cracked tongue, skin wounds, age Advanced or weak children, insomnia, acidosis, acid sensitivity, chronic constipation, prostate inflammation, inflammation of the matrix, bladder or esophagus. For the duration of the menstrual period, nerve diseases.

There are other similar fruits. To the same family belong the lime, grapefruit and grapefruit with characteristics very similar to lemon.

The amount to consume depends on each person and their organic constitution. For example powerfully built people tolerate it more than the elderly and children. The more obese than thin. Cae better in summer than in winter (cold slows its elimination through the skin).
Depending on these factors, it might take from from small doses of half a lemon and juice to get aa take the juice of three lemons daily those who tolerate it well.

Some tips on how to apply

For headache lemon slices applied to the painful area, replacing them with others as they are heated.
When muscle pain, sciatica, back pain, sore legs and spine massage with lemon juice to the affected area.
For the feet when tired or swollen. Foot baths with water and lemon juice.
In cases of indigestion, it can be combined with chamomile tea. If a liver problem is combined with Boldo and Dandelion.
General Features

Its caloric value:
Have very low calorie (40 per 100 grams).

You also need to know that when you consume bottled or canned maintains vitamin C, vitamin P and potassium, but not the biolavonoides that are present in the shell and the husk.

Juice concentrates are four times more calories and nutrients. Soft drinks flavored with lemon, are generally prepared with water, sugar and artificial flavorings.

How to choose:

The color should be bright yellow and firm skin, bright and fine in texture. When the skin is thick and has less less juice pulp, although Lemons are larger.

As conserve:
Fresh and in good condition are kept at room temperature for up to fifteen days.
In plastic bags in the refrigerator up to five weeks.
If five minutes is immersed in hot water is most juice extracted.
And as a final tip, you can take the juice sorbet for your passage acidity is direct and does not alter the sensitivity of teeth.

Lemon healing

The lemon mixed with garlic:
It is recommended in cases of inflammation, scarlet fever, serampión, scurvy, beriberi, nervousness, lack of appetite, calcination of the arteries, worms. The lemon mixed with onion and giving rubs the juice is very effective against dandruff and hair loss. Served with steam baths and drinking the juice of 3-4 lemons, be used against bites of rabid dogs, snakes and spiders itching.

The rind of the lemon in hot tea:
Tones the stomach and expels gases also can be added for greater efficiency anis grains. To expel the worms of children over four love tha juices be given in doses of one lemon cucharidita four or six castor oil and from eight to ten and six sapodilla juice, to take a quarter of each day .

The used lemon juice and then associate the juice with almond oil is a very effective ointment for the liver and against other irritations.

In cases of hemmorragias will absorb through the nose is a mixture of lemon juice and four parts water.

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