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Water with Lemon

Water with lemon
Start the day with a large cup of warm water with lemon juice is one of the simplest and best things you can do for you.

Doctors holistic detox experts and integrative medicine, ayurvedic and health coaches, they consider the most natural and simple way to detoxify your body and give your morning a happy beginning.

I have seen its benefits and I assure you that after a while it will try a routine that does not want to leave.

The recipe is:

1 large cup of warm water.
½ or 1 lemon or lime juice.
Take it not too hot or cold. No sweeteners with no calories, no sugar, no honey, no tea. Just water and lemon.

If your teeth are very sensitive, you can use a straw to protect the enamel.

Wait about 20 minutes, or if you most, before breakfast. You will see that the effect is much greater.

Tip: Buy a thermos and put the hot water at night, waking squeeze lemons, you take it and you start to get ready for your activities. So while you bathe, dress, etc.. save a lot of waiting time.

Take fasting warm water with lemon every day

Alkalizes the PH of your body. The lemon is acidic in taste but has an alkaline effect on your body. A higher alkalinity, less disease. Viruses, bacteria and fungi require an acidic body to settle and reproduce. All processed food creates acidity, such as bread, rice, sugar, artificial sweeteners, meat, alcohol, dairy, coffee … So alkalisation is essential. Has shown that all bodies with cancer have a highly acidic pH.
Cleans and activates intestines and release waste and toxins naturally.
Activate your metabolism, and improves digestion.
Stimulates and purifies the liver, bile thereby producing thinner and more enzymes.
Cleans and moisturizes the lymphatic system. Important to detox.
Lymphatic system is congested when you frequently allergies, colds, sinusitis, phlegm, mucus, and you get sick easily. This is very common in children by poor diet, too acidic. And the defenses down with an acid pH and congested lymph.
Eliminating phlegm and mucus from the body, caused by milk products, gluten, peanuts, among others. Mucus accumulates in the intestines. If suddenly you see a clear or white phlegm when you go to the bathroom, albeit tiny, that’s mucus and is a sign of a congested lymphatic system.
Helps lower high blood pressure.
Diluted uric acid, which when accumulated (by excessive animal protein) causes arthritis.
Clean the skin. Vitamin C helps to reduce wrinkles and blemishes.
Help to lose weight. The first thing you take to start your day is very important. That will encourage you to take care and think that if you started well, not worth to mess do not you think? It is also found that when you maintain a more alkaline pH than acidic lose weight more easily.
Try it costs nothing and when you see how good you feel will become part of your habits, like brushing your teeth.

I recommend that if you have an ulcer or gastritis very strong, clean your diet full of foods that acidify. The lemon does not have to cause burning, but if you do not like, start taking warm water and gradually see adding a few drops of lemon and check as you’re feeling.

Get ready to see big changes ….

Until next time …!

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