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Lose Weight Without Sacrifice!

lose weight withut secrifice

Below you will find some ideas to lose weight without having to make large sacrifices. You will not go hungry, nor will you doing so strenuous exercises are practical and easy-to-do tips that will help you to loose weight.


• Don’t forget to eat, it is a useless sacrifice. The agency needs at least 1,000 calories a day and stop receiving feed into the vicious circle of fatness.


• Definitely do 5 meals a day. The three main, a mid-morning and another mid-afternoon, and your body will burn calories better little by little, that in a copious meal.


• Eating normally. Don’t believe in the lie “if not as nothing, adelgazare”. If you don’t eat you enfermaras and then you have to eat more to regain health and your weight loss will be momentary.


• Uses smaller dishes,especially at lunch time, you have the feeling that you will eat more.


• Do not eat fast. She Chews at least 30 times every bite, but remember that the feeling of satiety reaches your brain a quarter of an hour after you start the meal you quick fullness. But if you eat in 5 minutes, definitely engordaras.


• Do not you feel after eating, performing any activity that will help you burn calories, walk 5 minutes.


• Do not eat sweets when you enter longing for some sweet, suck a lemon, or eats fruit.


• If you’re hungry killer, first baby a large glass of water. If this is not enough turns to the fruits, onions, carrots, to calm him.


• Removes the fat from the food and fruitcakes the stews and broths eliminates the skin of the birds, the white of the flesh and the ham, withdrawn with the skimming the fat layer that floats on the surface of the soup.


• Fasting once a week, do a detoxifier fasting test be one day a week to only fruits and vegetables.


• Don’t expect the impossible. Losing weight takes a bit of time. If you think that you’re going to go down 5 pounds in 1 week, or something similar, the only thing that awaits you is the failure.


• Beam sport begins with a few minutes a day, you will not all modesty too, if you are not accustomed.


• Walk 3 or 4 blocks each day with a minimum of a few blocks walk daily barajas near 1 extra pound in 3 weeks.


• Upgrade on the new techniques to lose weight consistently: reads news, magazines of nutrition, diets and currently in health.

• Think future and positively: “In 1 month I’ll be better”, “Guess i’ll turn it down 3 pounds this month”, “Soon I’ll get that costume,” in this way, the diet shall not frustrating.


• Do not confuse the centimetres of more with the integrity of your physical. The fact be gordo don’t feel less, and don’t you hate that lack of valuation is what makes very difficult the process of thinning and recovery.


• Check your weight once a week, to check improvements or give it hard again.


• Change in look. Cut your hair, try a new makeup, … in the end, everything that will help you to see yourself better, will also help you to keep you firm while doing a diet.


• Keep the order; to live and especially eat in a relaxed atmosphere and orderly helps improve the strength of will, and it is more difficult exceeded with the meals.

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