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Panic Attack – What To Do?

downloadUnfortunately, panic attacks are becoming very common in people that make up modern society. What can we do to prevent them? The panic attack is a condition where the person feels a sudden strong feeling of fear, without a reason to justify it. Many people feel a panic attack feel a feeling as if suffering a heart attack, even in very extreme panic attacks, you can even feel that he was dying. In turn, the physical symptoms of panic attack usually happen in the following manner: rapid heart rate, tremors, nausea and dizziness. While there is no explicit effectively to prevent panic attacks, if there are several strategies that can help in preventing panic attacks.

What to do to prevent panic attacks?

– It is important that if you suffer from panic attacks, check with your doctor. In that sense, trust your doctor can make a specific plan for treating your illness that includes methods for dealing with panic along with other natural remedies or drugs, as well as nutritional supplements. This is important because early treatment of the disease is important to prevent worsening of the disease and may even reduce the frequency of panic attacks between 70% -90%.
– Another factor that can help is to join a group, and be able to express yourself with other people who suffer from panic attacks can help you control this disease. Members of a group can share strategies to confront and handle fear. The meetings also may have experienced professionals with panic attacks you can communicate.
– Another excellent alternative is to practice relaxation techniques frequently, as it will help prevent panic attacks.
– Use distraction techniques when you feel you can bring a panic attack.
– Practicing yoga is an excellent alternative, as well as stretching exercises has made deep breathing techniques that will help you have physical and emotional balance, contributing to the reduction of stress, one of the factors trigger panic attacks.
– Reduce your intake of alcohol and caffeine, and avoid illegal drugs, as these substances may increase the frequency of panic attacks. It has been observed that 30% of people with panic attacks also suffering from alcoholism, and so it is important to determine whether this is a contributing factor to the disease.
– Make exercise as aerobic activity has a relaxing effect on the body contributing to the reduction of panic attacks.
– Get enough sleep as feeling tired can increase panic attacks.
– It is important to face our fears, rather than suppress them, face them.
– If you have fear of failure, try to make new activities, to face that fear. For example, if you have a social phobia, try to work hard and meet new people, accept invitations to events that had rejected before.
– One thing at a time, focus on what you can control, do not worry about tomorrow too. For example: elógiate Accepts constructive criticism and when you’ve done well for something and do not push yourself to do better, without question you accept your triumphs excessively areas for improvement.
– Be prepared for things that might escape your control.
– Socialize positively. Avoid questioning what other people might think of you and accepts those who really want to be with you.

And last but not least, seek the support of family and true friends. Ask your family to help you cope with the fears, rather than avoid them, ask for patience and understanding but accept your challenges and enjoy your achievements, you will notice how the crises

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