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Physical Exercise to Lengthen Life

PilatesOne of the most important steps you can contribute in the hope in the population’s quality of life is the people to acquire healthy habits. In studies conducted over the past thirty years, it has been shown that the improvement of the physical state through the exercise significantly reduces mortality, especially deaths that are caused by cardiovascular problems if that physical activity is accompanied by a healthy and intelligent power, it will still be easier to extend the life expectancy and not only that, if not having a life much more useful and successful.



• Personal hygiene, journal, avoiding the cold water, only luke warm.

• Perform the breakfast at least 1 hour before you begin the exercises, and if it is lunch, 2 hours before sleeping a siesta from 1 hour, it is advisable.

• The exercise will be done with comfortable clothing. This has to be loose, the sports type (tracksuit, t-shirt, shorts, … ). Incidiremos in footwear that should be light, and at the same time strong and resistant to avoid mechanical injuries (sprains, fractures, … ).

• The exercises are performed slowly and relaxed. At the end of these, you must relax prior to finalizing the exercise or physical activity.

• Avoid walking around for a long period in the three hours that follow the main meal. After a gear, rest 30 minutes. The gear will be initially on flat ground.

At high temperatures:

•Increase the water intake (may be accompanied by any drink with contribution of minerals).

“Use of creams for the skin with a protection factor right. We must also protect the eyes and the head; all this when you are doing outdoor activities.

At low temperatures:

•Reach Terra Firma correctly and put on warmer clothes to avoid any risk of colds after the effort, or sweating deeply.

•When in addition to the lower temperatures, there are also wind, you will lose the sensation of water loss, so we must schedule well rehydration.



A balanced diet is always advisable, click, or not physical exercise when starting an activity of any kind, it is very important to consider that the muscles need sugars and proteins to develop and these can be taken in the form of traditional foods, such as meat and eggs (of animal origin), etc. , or through the provision of food for athletes (caring much to read its composition), which is produced from vegetable protein and without added of hormonal type and that also provide minerals that the body loses while exercises. These foods are prepared to help the body to produce muscle mass giving it the nutrients needed to develop the muscles and burn the excess fat.

A body with a BMI balanced is a healthy body and to measure that we are exercising our body, we shall achieve a greater welfare.




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