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Physical exercise & Endorphins

The endorphins when you sport
For those who do sport to feel well, the vitality and joy that it produces when this practice is a biochemical explanation where the endorphins would be part of the response to these sensations.

Which are the endorphynes , are peptides (small proteins) derived from a precursor produced at the level of the pituitary gland, a small gland that is located at the base of the brain.When we do sport this gland is stimulated, producing endorphins in the body , which are going to act on receptors that cause analgesia, in addition to producing a sedative effect similar to the ones generated morphine, an opioid exogenous vastly known by these same properties. This is why the endorphins are considered our endogenous opioids, i.e. produced by our body.

Studies show that the endorphin are capable of inhibiting the nerve fibers that transmit pain, in addition to act in the brain producing subjective experiences, sensations that are intense, well known to athletes as they are decreasing anxiety and the feeling of wellbeing in addition to the analgesia and sedation before mentioned.

Not only the sport is a stimulus which makes us secrete endorphins , already that in certain situations of stress are also proven its production as in acupuncture, the r sexual impossibility , the suggestion and also in certain ritual or ceremonial dances, it is difficult to establish which of these activities is the one that best stimulates the production of endorphins . However it is demonstrated that the resistance exercises, if they produce a significant increase in the secretion of endorphins.

Numerous studies have shown that after having produced a aerobic physical activity, there is a clear and significant increase of the endorphins after exercise in corridors of long distances have failed to reverse the analgesia produced by exercise, administering inhibitors of morphine, proving that used the same receivers and physiological check is also the role of the endorphins as an analgesic in these athletes.
It is well known that resistance exercise has a powerful power antidepressant , because that would have an important role in improving the mood and raise self-esteem, effects that probably, it is believed, would be mediated by the endorphins.

So far little evidence has shown that there is no significant differences in the production of endorphins after aerobics, between men and women, where is implicated a maximum oxygen consumption on a 80 %, independently of the menstrual cycle in women. In intensities less than maximum oxygen consumption can be seen a slight decrease in the secretion compared to men. In addition, the endorphins have been implicated in some dysfunctions in hormonal processes that affect the women athletes and that many times they are manifested with menstrual disorders.

In the end, the physical exercise does not only mean release of endorphins , as is also shown that the way of life around the sport is healthy for many reasons more. is described that the exercise in systemic form produces a decrease of the cardiovascular risk, decreasing the sedentary lifestyle as well as blood pressure, delaying the start of diabetes in people with a genetic predisposition and prevents obesity, which is considered as the pandemic of our time. Recent studies have shown that the exercises, independent of the type (from aerobics to even walk), at least three times per week for fifteen minutes, decrease up to 32% the risk of dementia in adults older than 65 years, reaffirming the literal sense of “healthy mind in healthy body”.

Obviously, the sport is a therapeutic tool that can not be replaced by conventional medicine and is the only medicine that is not sold in pharmacies and is still free, only depends on us to occupy it.
Rather than feel good by the release of endorphins that produces the physical exercise, in addition to all the properties that have been described, the be athlete is a style of life increasingly necessary in this world so busy and vertiginous. When we immerse ourselves fully in this world that generates the contemporary life, we know that is not healthy and therefore a way of maintaining the balance is looking for the essence of ourselves, where we learn to work in a team or to recognize our limitations learning how to overcome them, these virtues of style of life that is to make sport, extrapolated to the everyday life being necessary to create a more healthy society and evolved.


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