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The Benefits of Walking

WalkingWalking can be a good exercise if done correctly, as it is of moderate intensity and accessible to almost all people, regardless of their initial physical condition can be done without special equipment, alone or accompanied by, the whole world know how to do this, it is safe and there is no need to move to a specific place to practice.

In addition, you can enter in the everyday life without altering the customs and habits of the people.

The benefits of walking
according to the majority of the studies, the benefits of the body perform a daily walk of 30 minutes will result in cardiovascular benefits with regard to a lower frequency of myocardial infarctions, adult onset diabetes, strokes and high blood pressure.
The physical activity moderate has shown benefits in osteoporosis, arthritis, falls in the elderly, and also the effects on weight and lipid levels although more modest, and is good for the mind, as there is some evidence that moderate exercise would help in the depression and in certain states of anxiety.

To begin…
The minimum period necessary to obtain healthy effects is ten minutes a day, according to a study conducted in Argentina, the 85 per cent of people between 15 and 69 years walk at least 10 minutes at least once a week. By this same and following the general council of “something is better than nothing” and “more is better that little”, you can begin to make sessions of 10 minutes each day. The pace It should be faster than the walking looking storefront, with firm step and regular, and that at the same time to talk without to cut off the words.

Perform three sessions of 10 minutes you could be an initial objective, although it is useful to know that the majority of the studies that showed benefits were made with 30 consecutive minutes. We must not forget to do exercises on a regular basis elongation.

A few weeks are sufficient to improve the circulatory aspects and reduce insulin resistance, at the same time as improving tonicity. Meanwhile, to lose weight or improve the lipid profile will require some months.

The desirability of drinking fluids during the hike, depends on the time devoted to the same and the climatic conditions in general lines up to 30 minutes could be done without having to ingest water, unless it is in the middle of summer in the times of greatest heat.

A exercise for all ages
in principle there are no restrictions for the elderly or sick, in fact the cardiologists recommend walking to the patients with coronary artery disease or who have had By-pass, the only exception is that in the elderly is to assess the balance, equilibrium and if there are impediments of orthopedic type. For example, if there is a osteoarthritis of the hip important, the fact of walking can cause pain, it would have to make another type of exercise, such as the stationary bicycle.

In regard to those who have diabetes, heart disease or lung should pass by the doctor before starting a walking program.
caution must be in the presence of acute lesions in the lower limbs and certain orthopedic problems such as osteoarthritis of the knee, or lumbar disc herniation, and some people who have diabetic foot until these problems are not resolved it could be better to change to another type of exercise.

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