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Why eat orange?

The orange is a favorite for young and old at the time to prepare a juice or eat a fruit after the meal fruits. Orange is also a very widely available fruit and moreover a tasty one . So it is always a must!

Among the virtues attributed to him, it can mention that has benefits for the treatment of heart disease, acne, bowel problems and colds, among others.

But these are just some of the reasons why it is important to eat oranges. Here we have other qualities of this fruit:

1) One medium orange gives you only 62 calories … excellent choice for a light snack!

2) Are you worried about the fat? Orange does not know. This fruit is rich in water and, by its nature, does not contain fats.

3) It is an excellent source of vitamin C (one medium orange provides about 70mg- almost 100 percent the daily recommendation for this vitamin). Vitamin C is essential as an antioxidant, in addition to contributing to strengthen your immune system, wound healing and tissue formation.

4) it provides about 10 percent of the daily recommendation for folic acid. This vitamin B complex is especially important for women of reproductive age or wishing to have children soon, it helps prevent neural tube defects (spina bifida and cleft lip).

5) This fruit is rich in phytochemicals, which are potent natural antioxidants that protect cells from free radicals.

6) it contains pectin, a soluble fiber. Some studies have shown that soluble fiber may help reduce cholesterol levels, as “blocks” of this absorption in the intestine
7) Moreover, the fiber has a satiety effect which can last several hours, which will help to ease anxiety by eating.

8) Orange prebiotic substances, such as fiber, favor the growth of beneficial bacteria sen your intestinal tract. These bacteria help you to prevent gastrointestinal infections.

9) If you are a fan of sweet … choose a sweet orange and juicy! But if you prefer the acid, there are varieties of orange for you. This fruit is suitable for all tastes and preferences.

10) If you have not already convinced, reread the previous nine points!

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