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Why We Drink Water?


Life without water undoubtedly disappear.Every day our body performs countless processes in which water is lost, so it tends to dry skin, moisture also reduces our body needs to function well.

In normal conditions and with the proper functioning of the kidney, a person loses about 1450 milliliters of water per day, divided between water and urine (500 ml), during respiration as water vapor (600 milliliters) in the sweat ( 200 milliliters) and of course depending on weather conditions and physical activity is performed and stool (150 milliliters). Therefore it is necessary that we help our body to maintain balance, compensating for this loss by taking no less than 1,450 milliliters of water daily and much better your completed two liters. This drink is recommended as follows:

– Morning: 1 liter consumed over a period of 30 minutes.

Afternoon: Drink 1 liter to over a period of 30 minutes.

And at night: Consume one liter over 60 minutes and half an hour after dinner.

We must take into account that solid foods also provide a considerable amount of water in our body, so that an adequate amount fnalmente is 6-8 glasses a day.

Consequences of not drinking enough water


Not drinking enough water in our body causes a variety of ailments, thereby indicating us that we are supplying water that is not enough. Here are some symptoms caused by small states of dehydration:

Mood swings.
Muscle aches.
They usually occur in states of chronic dehydration when water intake is less than 700 milliliters per day (less than 3 glasses of water a day) for a long time:

Numbness of limbs.
Disturbed vision.
Trouble swallowing.
Heart attacks and even death.
Properties of water


Water makes up about 60 percent of our body, has physical and chemical properties beneficial to the body and it is the ideal medium for transport of substances, which is why indispensdable in the processes of digestion, absorption, nutrient distribution, transportation and disposal of toxic elements.

Drinking the recommended amount of water the liver, kidneys, digestive and immune system do very well with their duties, lubricate joints and improve the strength of the ligaments.

Water also acts as a shield, as it controls the temperature, helps maintain proper levels of acidity in the body and slows the aging process.

A balanced intake of this fluid also helps maintain the beauty of hair, nails and skin, which looks bright perfectly hydrated, since cell regeneration occurs via sufficient support of minerals, nutrients and oxygen course .

Water is an excellent partner when it comes to losing weight, as it suppresses the appetite and helps the body metabolize stored fat.

Water: Natural Medicine


Recent studies conducted at Harvard University have concluded that the intake of water in appropriate amounts, reduced by 45%, the risk of colon and half the odds of developing bladder cancer, because the more concentrated hydration poor amount of toxic and carcinogenic substances in these organs.

There is also talk about studies in England, which concluded that being hydrated reduces by 79% the risk of developing breast cancer.

Drinking enough water also reduces the risk of heart disease: In Loma Linda University in California did a study involving 20,000 healthy people who drank 5 glasses of water and which had a lower rate of cardiovascular problems compared to those who drank only two glasses a day.

Researchers at the University of Buffalo in New York, meanwhile proved that ingesting water our bodies need, moisturizes the mucous membranes that line the nose, throat, bronchi and lungs, decreasing the chances of viral infections such as the common cold or flu , and bacterial infections in asthmatics possibility of having an acute attack.

Also has been attributed to the intake of an appropriate amount of water, decreasing the production of calculi or kidney stones, and the incidence of urinary tract infections.

Finally it has been shown that if our body is sufficiently hydrated, increasing substances to control bacteria in the mouth and found in saliva, preventing gingivitis (gum inflammation), cavities and other mouth diseases.

Besides consuming two liters of water daily, exiten other ways to hydrate our body. A good example is through fruits, including and increasing daily consumption of watermelons, oranges, grapes, pears and peaches. So eat them alone, in desserts or as the main ingredient in a refreshing beverage.

Drink water when you wake up, during the course of the day and every time you feel thirsty, your whole body will run smoothly, looking healthy and shiny.

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