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Women Take off Their Toes to Wear Heels Comfortably


The latest craze among Americans was operated the toes for them thin. However, this trend was apparently already displaced by another equally strange to many: the “Stiletto Surgery”.

According to various media have reported the country’s north, more and more women turn to specialists in order to intervene their feet, but not to improve their appearance, but more than anything to get their high-heeled shoes are calcen well and can use them comfortably.

The surgeries can cost thousands of dollars and shorten them fingers, apply collagen injections and still others seek the complete removal of their little fingers.

Susan Deming had the procedure and related his experience to Fox News. This woman loved to wear high heels, until his feet began to hurt so much that I could only use this type of footwear for a few minutes.

“I had calluses and all kinds of problems in my left foot. And finally there was a solution,” he said. The origin of all complaints was that the second finger tip that was longer than the others, so the solution was to shorten by about one centimeter.

Meanwhile, those who choose to seek collagen injections over his foot cushion. “When they put on their high heels like they’re walking on pillows” described Nathan Lucas, podiatrist in Memphis for 15 years who performed these procedures.

The specialist admitted to Fox News that there are women who want to have their feet more stylized, for which we request the removal of their little fingers. “To me, that’s a bit extreme (…) No one would take him to a toe unless necessary,” he said.

A similar opinion Cristian Ortiz, head of Foot and Ankle Surgery Clinic German. “In practice, that someone wants to take off a finger is extraordinarily rare, because if a woman wants to wear a narrow shoe, prettier, would not be willing to take off a finger with aesthetic compromise that would generate,” he says.

The specialist also ensures that it is difficult for such interventions impact on the rest of the body. “If you plan an operation must be to not affect the ride quality and overall, five millimeters shorter finger does not affect in the least,” he says.

“Use a nice shoe is not frivolous”

Ortiz noted that the operations of the feet merely aesthetic purposes are not new. In fact, says that about five years ago American media published an article in which a podiatrist offered fingers surgeries for women who wanted to wear shoes like “Sex and the City”. “There was quite an uproar from the American Society of Foot Surgery recommended not only for aesthetic operations,” says orthopedic surgeon.

“The issue is a long time on the mat and has been discussed in the ethical environment if (operations) should or should not be done, because in the end from the medical point of view I ever bonus is that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. then, if someone wants a finger cosmetic surgery, it is not that bad, but it has to be worth it, “he adds.

In this sense, the specialist says it is important to be cautious in that the benefit involving intervention must always be greater than the cost, is taken to be potential complications, inconvenience, recovery time, etc..

“Luckily there is a dangerous operation, people do not die, you lose your feet, it is void. But in some cases it may need more than one surgery to correct a complication,” says Cristian Ortiz.

Asked about whether he has had to attend operated Chilean women who want to occupy feet high heels comfortably, the doctor responds with a resounding “yes” and safely added that “using a pretty shoe is not frivolous, is a necessity. ”

“One breaks down the problem and in the end it is usually women who when they put on a sandal in the house do not hurt your feet, but if you put a wad as using all your office mates, can not stand the pain” explains the orthopedist.

“So, the focus of ‘I want have surgery for aesthetic’ is not as well, because these women want to wear a normal shoe, because most women in the world use when they want to look beautiful heels. Therefore are not asking for something unusual, “he concludes.

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